Casio G-Shock Branded Smart Phones Launched – Tough & Impact Resistant

Casio logoWhile the smartphone makers are making smart watches, now watch makers too want to try their luck in making smart phones and as we say this, Casio which is one of the largest watch maker announces an all new smart phone which is not only tough and impact resistant but also a device which has got one of the lengthiest list of smart features. The first impression after seeing this watch is no less than a mini Panasonic Tough book series of laptops which almost looks like that.

If you doubt the toughness of this then you will be glad to hear that it can even withstand and resist the drop from 10 feet, waterproof withstanding capacity of 10m. 1 atm pressure. With already the G’zOne line up of around 4 devices, adding this one to the bouquet only leaves a sense of seriousness towards smartphone by Casio. This line up of G Shock comes as a successor to that of G Shock watches which are equally feature rich watches with extra toughness. This tough phone is an Android Phone.

GShock 1 GShock2 GShock 3 GSHock 4 G Shock 6 GShock 5

Unfortunately, there isn’t any detail on what will be the specifications but looking at the features on the first look, we are really impressed with the build quality and also on the features. We hope to see more on the features very soon. This phone is announced at the CES 2012 which is held at Las Vegas. Do let us know your thoughts on this smartphone as we will eb happy to hear from you.

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  1. Bryan

    January 18, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    I will DEFINITELY get this phone if it comes out. I have had g’zones since they came out,and loved them, unfortunately I missed the Commando by about a month and stepped into the smartphone arena with a Droid2. Let’s hope it has at least a 1GHz processor so I won’t be downgrading computing power.

  2. JBAW

    January 14, 2012 at 3:59 am

    Been an avid Casio fan since the G’zOne Type S, and am now a Commando user.

    Looking forward to their new releases this year, and really hope they go the extra mile with forward thinkers who can push the future envelope. Toughness and performance are a hard balance, but I for one will never go back to any other brand.

    Casio knows digital devices, and continue to prove it each decade, with their half a century of experience.

    Still holding out for a Casio tough android tablet, was thinking of a sleeker design like the Commando but larger. How ever a G-Shock/Commando hybrid would be the beast!

    Always Casio, Casio Always.

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