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How to Change Kindle Fire Device Name

The Amazon Kindle Fire is out and users are enjoying with it. We have gone through couple of tutorial on how to install Android Market, 6.2 update and how to de-register Kindle with your Amazon account when you are selling your device or gifting it.

The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a generic name when you register your device with your Amazon credentials. The default name is ‘My Kindle’. If you would like to edit the name of your device then you can do it as Kindle has the provision of updating your device name. Editing the name of your device is quite an easy job and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Here is how you can change the device name of your Kindle Fire with ease –

From your PC open web browser and go to Amazon.com. In the upper right corner of the site, you will find Your Account, click on it.

Amazon Fire Kindle AccountNow under the Digital Management section you will find the option of Manage Your Kindle.


Manage Your Kindle

Now under your Kindle Account on the left side of the page you will find the option of Manage Your Device, click on it if you have already registered your Kindle Fire earlier. If you haven’t registered then click on Register a Kindle.

Manage Kindle Account

The registration process for Kindle Fire is very simply and can be done within two minutes by providing the Kindle Serial number which is 16 digit serial key. The serial number is located in the Settings screen under ‘Device Info’. Once that is done click on Manage Your Device.

Register Kindle

Your device will be listed and you need to click Edit beside the device name. This is the option to change your Kindle Fire name.

Kindle Name

Click on Update when done.

That is done from the web end and to take the changes into effect you need to sync the same on to your Kindle tablet.

Go to home screen

On the upper right corner you will find the Settings icon on the upper right corner.

Kindle Fire Device name

Now tap on Sync and once the data is synchronized the name will be updated.


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