Cheapest Gingerbread Tablet – Archos 80 G9 Launched

Archos G9 LogoIf you are given an option to choose from buying a phone or a tablet then what you will choose, keeping the budget constraint aside for a moment? Yes, it will be a tablet and why not when a tablet comes at an affordable sticker price. You might think that have we gone nuts? No, all thanks to “Archos” which turns this hypothetical thing turn into a reality. Archos unveils an all new budget tablet which is all set to get unveiled in the World of Android tablets space. While the pricey tablets like Motorola Xoom or even the famous Samsung Galaxy Tab are doing the rounds, it’s now time to talk about this tablet which comes with a lesser price tag but at the same time it doesn’t even compromise on the specifications which other tablet makers load their devices with.

Archos unveiled an all new affordable Android tablet which is sure to capture some of the Android fans out there as this tablet which is dubbed as the Archos 80 G9 which has a 8 inched screen size with a resolution of 1280 x 768 resolution and also shows off a brilliantly bright display with a great resolution display.

If you have thought that this will be an underpowered tablet then you will have to give this thought a break as this one not only comes with the latest Honeycomb 3.1 version of Android operating version. Talking of the hardware specifications then this phones comes along with the 1.5 GHz dual core A9 Cortex OMAP 4 Processor which is among the fastest processors and the buck doesn’t stop here either as it also is loaded with the 16 GB of internal memory storage along with an optional 250 GB of Seagate HDD Storage device. Adding to the list this one has also got a 720p front facing camera along with the HDMI output and Kick stand which makes the movie viewing experience a truly remember able moment.

Speaking of the highlight features, this tablet has got a proprietary 3G Ready patented 3G Stick solution which comes integrated with this phone and also comes along with the powerful support of all the applications which are specially designed for the Honeycomb tablet and also most importantly the tablet size is conveniently placed at a size of 8 inches.

Adding to the list it has also got a better CPU Power management which sets this tablet apart from other tablets and most conveniently this tablet has got an edge when we talk of the battery life as this tablet optimizes the use of power very efficiently by killing all the applications which generally works in background which is an undoubted way and the best way to capitalize on the battery life.

Last but not the least if we talk of the sticker price that this tablet comes along is just 279 $, yes you saw it right. Though there are not much details on its availability, that is on which all areas this tablet will be available but soon this tablet will be available in most of the parts of the World.


  1. Isn’t any Honeycomb tablet released?

  2. Hello Neal,
    Is the device “Archos 80 G9″ is available in india, if yes then where in near delhi, and how much does it cost.