How to Check if Android Phone is Rooted or Not

Android RootIs this the question that you get all the time when you see your phone? You know that Android is an open operating system launched by Google. Its gives the cellphone owners the privilege to attain root access within the Android Linux subsystem, this is quite similar to jailbreak on Apple devices.

The root in required when you want to install the custom versions of Android system or the latest firmware updates released by Android. The rooting of a device is officially legal and it can run unauthorized third-party applications easily.

Here is the simple process on how to check whether your device is rooted or not.

You need to open the Android Market and search out for the terminal client. A huge list I got when I searched out for terminal client.  The one which I recommend you is Connectbot.

Now open the Connectbot and read through the instructions carefully and you would be able to faced with a text entry prompt. If you are prompted with pound sign (#) then your device is routed and if you see the dollar sign ($) then your device is not routed. However you can easily setup rooting at this instance itself.Try to enter the command “su” without quote. When you have done that you would see a dialog seeking for the permissions from SuperUser app, which you need to grant. If the prompt changes to the pound sign then you are rooted.

That was simple. Do check out our guide on Android Rooting of different devices.

  • Cadek79

     very very simple, put in your name as an id if you wish, then port, you select local, cuz you are local, duhhh

  • Wyndle Alejo

    best way is to install juice defender on google play,open and check on full log when ur phone is rooted or not

  • ramesh

    how to root my spice mi350 andriod phone and how to instal regional languages on mobile ? pls

  • jujulal

    i’ve htc inspire 4g, i’ve installed ConnectBot, when i start ConnectBot it will prompt for “username@hostname:port”, what username, hostname and port should i use? i’m confused . So i cannot Start the ConnectBot.

  • Bharath

    Hi Tried to root the phone by typing “su” without quote but it shows permission denied. what should I do further please help me. My phone is Samsung galaxy fit s5670.

  • cibita

    how to check if my phone still root or not if i cant download anything??there is another way???becouse i make a mistake deleting some aplication n after factory reset now my phone wont alow me to instal anything,i think im going to take it to store to fix it but i have to unroot my phone before that becouse i still have the guaranty,any advice plzzz????

  • bub

    can someone help type in su and it says su not found what can i do it also says that i need to chose between ssh telnet and local thx

    • bub

      i type in

  • yros

    works for me :o

  • siddhant

    I have a samsung galaxy ace with 2.3.3 installed but i am unable to root my device from the method that you told.
    please help.
    thanks in advance.

    • Yogesh Patel

      In this article, I just gave the top on how to check your phone is rooted or not but not the actual rooting procedure. For rooting procedure check our blog for corresponding rooting article of your phone.


  • GustraBlue

    Thx for the great sharing.. i’ve done what you said above.. and if type root.. the phone said.. the root not found. is it mean that my phone has not been rooted yet?
    So what should i do.. to make in root.

    Thx for the time n information…

    • NeaL Pradeep

      are you able to see the super user app in your phone?

      • GustraBlue

        yes.. im able to see the super user app…

  • Sidney

    Please don’t laugh. Or do. Just help.

    Got connectbot. Thanks. But when I’m prompted for “username@hostname:” what does it want from me? My phone number and provider? Yes, I selected ssh. Don’t know why…

    Local = nickname?
    telnet = hostname:port?

    Thank you in advance. Excited to get started.

    • NeaL Pradeep

      hey buddy we are not here to laugh or make a joke out of your doubts as we are here to help you guys out there! n which service provider its asking these details? Have you tried selecting the automatic connection?

      • Anandan

        I too have the same problem. Pls help me

        Model : Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
        Carrier : Airtel (India)

        • Anandan

          Actually it is not the service provider asking these details.
          When we enter the app, the screen opens up and ask for these details

        • NeaL Pradeep

          if you can see the super user app in your phone then it means that its rooted!