How to Check if your Phone is Tracked with Carrier IQ Key logger

Carrier IQ LogoWhile technology is getting advanced, there is something which still is a cause of concern. Just in case if you missed the action and didn’t know about the controversy of “Carrier IQ” thing then in the due course of this article we will not only see on what exactly you mean by Carrier IQ but also we will see in this article on how you can check whether your phone is being tracked with Carrier IQ Key logger.

What is Carrier IQ?
Carrier IQ (Here after CIQ) is basically a mobile diagnostic tool which uses the software installed in > 150 million Android handsets. CIQ software installed is called as the IQ agent and collects the diagnostics information which happen in your phone and also critical information such as battery performance, device stability, network coverage, voice call performance, and connectivity issues. CIQ claims that it has a capability to collect and tract many more details without consent. Generally, this CIQ is deployed by the Carriers. So, let’s check out whether if your Phone is Tracked or not with the help of Carrier IQ Key logger.

Carrier IQ 1

  • So, now let’s check on how you can Check if your Phone is Tracked with Carrier IQ Key logger. All thanks to the developer of this tool Trevor TrevE Eckhart who has come out with this helpful tip. This app basically needs the rooted device and once this application is installed in your phone of which you can find the links at the end of the article, you need to open the same.
  • Once opened, tap on “CIQ Checks” and then read the scrolling text which will be there at the bottom of the screen which will tell you whether any Carrier IQ activity has been found or not.

Logging Checker

  • This application is available in two different versions, free as well as paid version. While the free version just checks the Carrier IQ Activity, the paid version also lets you to remove the same. For purchasing the paid version, all you need to shell out is just $0.99.
  • If you are installing from the direct apk file then you need to ensure that the Unknown Sources option is ticked which you can select the same from the path Settings > Applications.

Download Logging Checker

Download Logging Checker Pro.

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