ChromeKey for $35, HDMI Stick for Mirroring Chrome Browser to Televisions – Specs & Features

There are two Chrome Events announced by Google in coming days to come and if you are stunned like me to understand on what exactly will be an announcement in this, then it’s nothing but the buzz about the “ChromeKey”. Chrome Key is a kind of HDMI dongle which is here to make Chrome OS accessible on any screen at an ultra-low price point. If not a ChromeKey, this is something a Streaming Video and is here to push the content / mirror the same to your screen. Being a receiver, this helps in interacting with your smartphone, tablet or computer or also can extend the Chrome Experience to your Television.


What is ChromeKey:
ChromeKey is an HDMI Dongle which can be plugged into TV or Monitor and then then the content can be mirrored on the Display from a Computer or tablet. Chrome Browser can be projected remotely on the Big Screen or Stream videos and access other apps from your smaller screens to your TV.

How ChromeKey Works:
First, you will need to have a TV which has a HDMI Port and then once you connect the Chrome Key to your TV, you need to latch on to the Wi Fi Network. Now, you will be able to “CAST” the Chrome Browser from your phone, tablet or Computer provided the accounts across the Chrome Browser is signed with the Same Google Account. So, be it Hulu, Google Maps, Youtube or Netflix for an example can be projected to larger screens without any hassles.

In Short, ChromeKey will allow you to Mirror Chrome Broswer to your Television.

Specs of ChromeKey:

Though, the specs are not yet announced Officially, here are the below specs which we managed to pull out.

  • 2GB Storage,
  • 512MB RAM,
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, VP8 (Chrome mirroring),
  • CEC compatibility,
  • Video Resolution of 1080p,
  • Powered by USB

Price and Availability:
ChromeKey will be available for $35 at Google PLAY Store soon, we will keep you posted once it is available in the PLAY Store.

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