Combine Multiple Photos on Android & Share as Photostrips

When you have several photos is quite annoying to email all those and attach them. If you are at an event or at a party then you can easily sharing the photos quickly if you upload photos in batches as the individual upload will kill all your time. The Clarklab has recently launch an easy to use photo app with no nonsense user interface in the Android Market and that is free for a limit time usage period. With 10,000 downloads within a week of its launch, the Photobooth is heading to be favorite and the most rated photo apps in the Android Marketplace soon.

What the Photobooth does is to combine the photos from the gallery or the camera into single file so as to allow sharing of them in much easy ways with just few clicks on the go. Users can create custom photo strip of which photos are imported from gallery or camera.

Once the photo selection is done with maximum allowed limit of three photos per photo strip you next choice is to set up the layout among the choice available are the horizontal and vertical layout option. There are more options like order, output size and then finally it comes to how you want to share the photos in the photo strip which you have just made. Just the like the normal sharing on your Android phones, you can share it with your Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, Gmail with just few clicks.

PhotoBooth PhotoBooth PhotoBooth

Sharing of photos is done in very easy steps of

  • Combine three photos
  • Change the layout, order and size
  • Send photo strip to various services listed


The good thing about Photobooth is that it doesn’t add styles, filters or any effects and doesn’t add any stickers and captions.


The limitations which I found with this app is that you can only add three photos maximum per photo stream. That is one of the major cons of this application and should have they made it atleast or maximum ten photos per stream that would be have been better because by default you can attach 5 photos at maximum per email through your Android mobile phone.

PhotoBooth PhotoBooth

And this is how the photo stream would look like at the receivers ends

Photo Strip

Photobooth Download

The Photobooth app is available for free download at Android Apps Labs. This app on your phone doesn’t require you to have rooting or anything assisted software. Just install the app and you are ready to go.

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