How to Convert your Android Device into Mobile Payment Tool LogoWith Google Payment service in place, you might want to know on how you can convert your mobile into a payment service with a service which is brought to you by Basically, the service provides the Software developer Kit (SDK) for all the mobile developers out there with which it can accept the credit as well as the debit cards in the form of the mobile applications. Though typing on the mobile phones may be slow and also while many customers doesn’t have an individual hardware setup which will facilitate the swiping of the card right on the mobile phones, but with the help of it has the capability to read the card data just by using the phone’s camera.

Now, with the increasing payment modes and gateways, the biggest concern which is a major concern too is SECURITY of the information. With in place, security will not be a concern at all as this employs one of the most stringent encryption technologies in place which facilitates the 256 bit SSL encryption and also the servers are hosted in the secured facilities. With Google’s NFC based mobiles in place, the SDK will have to find a way out to garner people’s support.

Highlights of this Payment Solution:

First and the biggest plus of this kind of the mobile payment solution is that it doesn’t require any sort of separate hardware setup and also anyone who has either a credit card or the debit card along with a smart phone is eligible to use or take the benefit of this service.

Scan the Card

The approach of this mobile solution too is different from the one which generally every other payment service provider has. mainly focuses on the developers who generally builds the mobile applications.

Last but not the least this service offers services with no additional costs as it doesn’t attract any such charges as practically there are no charges per transaction which the has to pay or bears. All you need to do is to choose a provider where you wish to use this service at which is really very flexible as it doesn’t require any sorts of different or new hardware setup configuration.

Though the NFC (Near Field Chip) technology is yet to take off on a fully practical manner as it’s still a concept and soon will be taking off with selective vendors along with the Google which will soft launch the implementation with the update for the Nexus S 4G in the form of the Gingerbread 2.3.5 update after which the NFC functionality will be enabled in all the Nexus S 4G Device. But with the help of innovation, we can only hope that without any hardware support and change, one can easily convert almost every Android device into a mobile payment tool which is the future technology as when it comes to technology, it has to be simple and easy to understand, just like we do at

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