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Convert Videos into Animated GIF Images on your Android Mobile

I always love the GIF files rather than the normal images as it provides the median between image and video. It’s easy to create to create a photo of JPEG or PNG or bit map image format but for making a PNG image is quite tough, you need to open Photoshop and make animated image, for the first time users this is like getting 100 % result without any prior knowledge and many often leaves the job when it comes to Photoshop.

Here comes a new Android application named as GIFDroid which allows users to create GIF Images and the only need it should have is the video input provided by you. The users have control on the output GIF image and here in this article we will show you how this application works. Once you install this application you will first get the notice that this application still is under beta and so report bugs if you find any. This helps developer to report bugs of his early release so that he can improve in the next update.

GIF Droid App Home

The home interface of this application has just the three options namely – Select Video, Record Video and View Created GIFs. It’s clearly understood with those options and you have nothing more than those three settings in the home. For better example I have taken a video on my phone from my file storage.

GIF Droid App Add Video

Now then if you have selected a video or recorded a video, in the next page you will be shown with the video in the upper part and the lower part will provide you the option of Edit GIF preferences and finally the option of Next.

GIF Droid App Video Edit

Tapping on the Edit GIF Preferences will give you the option of the following –

  • How many frames per second you want to extract from the video
  • Delay per second of the GIF Image
  • Width of the GIF Image
  • Height of the GIF Image

GIF Droid App GIF Preferences

When you are done with the Edit GIF Preferences settings then you can click on Next and it will take some time to retrieve your video and process with the frames. Now you will present with the frames. You need to select the frames and click on Create GIF to create the GIF image. I have done it here as seen in the photo –

GIF Droid App processing GIF Droid App

Finally once the GIF image is created you have the option to share, rename, delete the GIF image and create another GIF image from there.

This application is still a lot to go and as of now it has simple and clean interface with clear options to navigate and as all wants it’s free of charge.

The features of using the GIFDroid Android application are as follows –

  • Convert videos on the go into GIF images
  • Choose the specific video interval
  • Adjust preferences such as frames per second, frame delay
  • Option to adjust the GIF output image dimensions
  • Choose pre-defined frames to create a perfect GIF image
  • Share and show your GIF image that you have created

GIFDroid Download

GIFDroid Android Application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it on your phone, you should open the Android Apps Labs GIFDroid page and then click on the Install button to automatically download this app.

1 Comment

1 Comment


    March 3, 2013 at 8:51 am

    there’s another app video2gif which converts video to gif.

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