How to Copy Ringtones to SD Card to add to Ringtones List of Phone?

The custom ringtones, hello tunes and call tuners might not be making a big sound but they still exists. There are users who are still loving their favorite ringtones, changing them regularly. The Android mobile phone are like you normal mobile phone and you can set your custom ringtones when you have an incoming call. To copy ringtones and other media to the SD card you require no rooting, no extra program or apps, just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

With every Android phone, you get a USB cable with it inside the pack, plug one end of it to the phone and other to the available USB port on your PC. If you have a Windows 7 PC then you would be straightaway automatically installed drivers.

With that now you are a couple of taps away from performing your much-needed task. Now go back on to your phone screen and tap on the USB connected. You would be asked for data transfer or Mount for copying files between your PC and phone SD card.

Now you storage card would be appearing as a drive on to your PC.  You can freely copy files from your SD card to PC and vice versa.

Copy Ringtones to SD Card

With the above steps you have successfully connected your mobile to PC sync mode. To copy ringtones follow these steps –

  • Open your SD card, go to media folder. If you don’t have then create it not a problem. Inside the media folder you can place your ringtone and other files.
  • Again if you don’t have them, then you can create the folder and move those files respectively.copy ringtones
  • Once you are done with copying, you need to unplug the USB connection. In most of the phones the content in the SD card is automatically added, if it’s not added then you need to update library.
  • The ringtones list will be then updated with the existing library.


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