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How to Create Folders on Samsung Galaxy S3 for Grouping Similar Apps

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the world’s best selling smart phone which has broken the records of not only its predecessor Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note but has come out strong with iPhone. Already more than 20 millions devices have been pre ordered and the count is still increasing.

The Samsung Galaxy S III phone doesn’t allows you to create the folders directly on to your home screen. On many of the Android powered smart phones by dragging on to other apps it automatically creates folder but the process on Galaxy S III is completely different. Here in this article we will go through the guide on how you can create folders on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and move apps to that folder.Create Folder

To create folder on your home screen, search for the space on your screen and then tap on Menu button and then tap on Create Folder option. As soon as you do that the folder will be created and you just need to drag and drop apps shortcut on to the folder. To arrange the apps according to your choice you can create multiple folders and give specifications name for the same like Games, Tools and widgets.Create Folder

Also the naming of the folder is little more complicated. Once the folder is create you need to open it and on the unnamed folder title you need to tap on the text for few seconds, it will ask to enter the predictive text area. When you are done press on OK.

We have gone through the video tutorial of this following at




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