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Customize Galaxy Tab Home Screen with TouchWiz User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has transformed the things which can be done using Android OS. Powered with Google Android Honeycomb OS, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has made it possible to use Android on tablets as well. Infact many tablets are now powered with Android operating system.

There is lot many feature to talk about on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We have gone through 9 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best. Much of that we have happy to see very easy customization on home screen on it. The home screen customization is possible through the TouchWiz user interface which the Samsung Galaxy Tab has.

Here are few customizations techniques on your Samsung Galaxy Tab –

7 Live Panels (Homescreens) – The Galaxy Tab is provided with 7 live homescreen panels and all these screens are customizable. Now on any of the screen you can add as many widget as you want and the good thing is widget can be anything like twitter feeds, Facebook updates or Social Hub on your screen.Homescreen Galaxy Tab

The good thing about widget on home screen is that you can customize the size of those widget to your need. Also you can move those widget from one screen to another and delete it. And you can use the handles on any side of the widget and you can move it up and down or left and right. Now once you have finish setting up with the widget, touch on empty on the homescreen.Adjusting Widget
Mini Mode Tray – No check out the mini mode try by touching the aero located at the bottom of screen. This tray is specially designed to place common use applications such as calender, calculator or the music player. You can add many other things from the widget. To hide the tray simply touch the down arrow located on the left side of screen.

Quick Panel – The Quick panel located on the right side bottom which gives you access to turn on and off various things such as Wi-Fi, Notifications, GPS and much more. This quick panel also provides adjustment for the screen brightness and settings. This quick panel with settings options gives you one click access to settings of your Samsung Galaxy Tab.Quick Panel settingsThat’s how we do it on Galaxy Tab, check out our other tutorial and tips on Galaxy Tab & Honeycomb tablets.

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