Datawind Ubislate 7Ri, 7R+, 7Ci & 7C+ Aakash Tablets Video Review & Demo

One of the most talked tablet not only in India but several parts of the world apart from the Apple iPad was the Aakash tablet as it was the cheapest Android tablet in the market. But it was quickly overlooked as the whole project completely failed adding as another scam in the Indian political failures. Merging up together again is the US based Datawind and the Indian government together has come up with the low cost Aakash tablets yet again. This time they have four tablet launches all with the same form factor of 7 inches display.Ubislate 7Ci

Datawind announced Ubislate 7Ri, Ubislate 7R+, Ubislate 7Ci & Ubislate 7C+ Android tablets. Going through these tablets it with the 7 inches form factor providing a maximum resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The good thing about these tablets is that it has improved through the software and touch as it includes the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Alongside with that its powered with Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1 Ghz and includes 512 MB of RAM. For storing data on your tablet it includes the 4 GB of internal storage capacity and it has front facing camera, no rear camera. In common it sees the 3200 mAH battery which provides the up to 4 hours of battery life and 180 minutes of video playback time. These tablets also includes the micro SD card slot supporting 32 GB of storage via micro SD card and has the option of 3.5 mm headset jack connectivity. And few sensors are been added like as that of the G-Sensor.

These models come with few changes and so four models are introduced in the market. Some of the models here include the GPRS alongside compulsory Wi Fi access.

UbiSlate 7Ri

UbiSlate 7Ri includes all the specifications mentioned above but it still maintains the resistive touch button which is the downside of this tablet model. If you are happy with resistive touch then you can choose this one and this also includes the Wi Fi internet connectivity option only.

Ubislate 7Ri is the cheapest tablet among the four tablet announced priced at Rs 2,999 and still maintaining the old plans or student discount.

UbiSlate 7R+

Another resistive touch Aakash model comes with the feature of calling and includes GPRS internet access via the SIM card slot supporting only 2G connectivity. It would have been better if they have added 3G support and this is priced just little higher than the 7Ri model.

7R+ is priced little higher than 7Ri model.

UbiSlate 7Ci

As the name itself indicates that C is for the capacitive touch and the R is for the resistive touch, it’s among the those few tablet featuring the capacitive touch support. It includes all the function mentioned above but it’s with only Wi Fi internet access and Wi Fi tethering capabilities for the internet access.

It would be interesting to see how capacitive touch works on the Aakash tablet variants.

UbiSlate 7C+

Its same as that of the 7Ci model and additionally it includes the GPRS internet access allowing the capabilities just like the smart phone. We wonder what would be the internet access speed when you are connected with the 2G GPRS.

7C+ is priced less than Rs 4500 and 7Ci little lesser than that.

All or any of these tablets can be directly purchased via the the official site but not as of now.

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