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1-Click Cleaner LogoMost of the Android applications save data on the SD card in order to improve user experience. This way user data, some application data, some more useful data like GUI elements, etc are stored on the SD card which all in all contribute in more updated way of using applications, but all of this is also responsible for poor performances of the Android phone. Here the poor performance is directly related to slower performances, low responsiveness of the touch screen, delayed touch input and jittery performance. Applications also accumulate lot of data as Cache, now this Cache helps in faster performance of that particular application, but as more and more Cache accumulation takes place the CPU or the processor performance is affected and is responsible for jittery performance. Thus somehow if we want to use the applications and keep the performance on the track we have an application which is definitely the solution for the itch. This application is 1 – Click Cleaner which will help you to clear all the Cache and data on the SD – card with just one simple click.

The most important point to check is that this application does not need a Rooted device. 1 – Click Cleaner will delete all the Cache, data and it also helps in managing your applications by uninstalling them if required, check the application details, force stop running application. Another feature that caught our interest is that the application can also help us in deleting SMSs in a very swift and friendly manner, while deleting the SMSs we can select if we want to delete unknown contact SMSs and known contact SMSs or all SMSs. Application also allows us to delete the recent calls accordingly.
1-Click ClearMessage Clear
Calls CleanHistory Clear
The newly introduced feature is the ‘Deep clear’, this feature allows us to delete useless files on the SD card and helps free up space on the SD card and delete useless files on SD card while uninstalling applications. The option ‘History clear’ helps us in deleting internet browsing history and calling records. The New UI is very intuitive and works really well, now there is button introduced on the main screen which says ‘clear all’, well, we all know what that option will do. The most commonly used options like message clear and Cache clear can now be easily accessed from the main screen itself, all thanks to the new UI. Thus using this application is definitely a worth try and thus one can easily keep their Android phone on track by deleting unnecessary files and Cache files of applications like Android market, browser, email, Twitter, Facebook.

Using QR code:
Use the QR code below. To scan the QR code use Neo Reader or any other bar code scanning program. Neo Reader can be downloaded from the market or follow the link

QR code for 1-Click Cleaner

Simply scan the QR code by directing your Android phone camera to the code through the barcode / QR code scanning program.

Using Android Apps Labs:

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