How to Delete & Clear Search History in Android Play Store

You might be aware that Android Market has been officially renamed to Android Play and it has finally got a good look. Though the update to Android Market is not a big one and such updates comes very often, the name change is a big effect and first such instance ever seen by Google Android team. We are not sure whats the reason why Marketplace was renamed as Google Play Store, we guess it’s the name Google that would have made the impact, as Android Market looked like an Android product.

There are lot many interesting things which you might see it help worthy and one of them is the ability of Google Play to store the searches history of what you have searched before on the Google Play Store on your device.

Search History in Google Play Store

Google stores searches that you have done on your Google Play Store and these searches try to match up when you search for anything next time. These are just like the normal Google search suggestions these are good for you. Often times its annoying and this might make your Play Store slow in responding (it doesn’t make much difference if you have quad core or dual core smartphone but it’s obvious for mid range smartphone and performance slows down). So when you feel that your Play Store is quite slow in responding you might need to tweak it with various settings.

The following are the suggestions that I am talking about -


It’s a nice thing to clear the search history and remove the searches that you have done in the Android Play Store. Here in this article we will show you the procedure on how you can delete clear off the Google Play Store search history.

Clear Off Play Store Search History

Follow the procedure to do that –

  • From your mobile phone open the official Android Play Store.Android Market
  • Tap on Menu and select Settings from the various options.Market History Settings
  • Now you have to find and tap on the clear search history and this will delete all the searches that you have performed. You will feel that nothing action happened when you hit the clear search history button but it has performed the action.Market History delete
  • Go to Play Store and try searching with a letter. Results will be known to you directly-Market History search
  • That’s it, done.

So with that you have deleted the search terms on the Google Play Store of what you did it earlier. You can verify it whether this has worked or not. Do check out more tips like fix App download unsuccessful, deleting Credit Card details from Market and lot more under Tips for Mobile.

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