How to Delete WhatsApp Images, Videos, Backups and Audio Messages Easily

WcleanerWhatsApp is awesome. It takes up a lot of your time, but then it entertains you with groups of friends discussing stuff, sharing pictures and videos all the time. It is all good for the messaging, but is it good for the smartphone for the long run? If you are an active user with loads of chats happening during the entire day, you would see your Android phone getting filled with the content in no time, and the device running out of storage. Have you faced this issue, and then thought of searching for all the data that gets stored from WhatsApp?

There is an app for Android phones, which does the job of cleaning your phone and getting it rid of all the WhatsApp data. The app does nothing else than listing out everything in a categorized way to show all the data from WhatsApp. Everything from the profile pictures to the backups gets stored in the device, at different locations and that is the reason why it becomes hard for you as a user to delete each of the file by digging into the file system.

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To use the app, just download the WCleaner app from Google Play Store and open it, and you would see the different categories – Profile Pictures, Images, WallPapers, Audio, Voice Notes, Videos and Backups.

You can delete the entire folder directly by tapping on the trash can beside to the folder, or if you wish to go individually, go into the folder and you would see the entire list of items.

Wcleaner android options

Advantages of WCleaner app for Android:

  • Easy to use, with direct options and no hidden settings
  • Deletes all types of files that are related to Whatsapp
  • Media, i.e. images, videos are in separate folders for easy access
  • Option to even open and preview files before deleting them

Disadvantages of WCleaner app for Android:

  • There is no information about size of particular files in the folder
  • Ads – although this is the only way the developer is supported, but ads do annoy

There is an alternative to this – manually going into the gallery if you wish to delete only the images and videos, keeping the backups untouched. But an app which makes it easier, and is very small in size, is a better option.

Download WCleaner for WA – Play Store Link.

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