Disable Automatic Sign in of Google Talk

The one problem I have found with Google Talk on an Android device is how it signs me into Google Talk automatically whenever my phone is connected to the internet. It is pretty easy to disable this however in the Google Talk settings on your phone. Actually even when you turn on your phone (depending on the Android phone) it will automatically fire up Google Talk and before you know it you get a flood of instant messages from friends and business associates on your day off. In order to disable it just open up the Google Talk app and hit the menu button and go to the settings. There is a check box there which is probably ticked. This setting is aptly named ‘Automatically sign in’. Remove the tick and problem solved.

Disable Automatic Sign in of Google Talk

There are other ways to stop people from messaging you while having the comfort of being constantly connected and that is to set your status appropriately. Consider adding the words “currently mobile” as a preset status message. You might also just go into offline mode so you can see who is around in order to contact them when you feel like it. It is nice to have Google Talk open all of the time in some form if you are bored while travelling (as long as you are not the one driving) and it allows people to contact you easily in case of emergency. If your Google Talk status is set to “currently mobile” then people are likely to understand if you don’t respond. If they take offense because you haven’t responded then just lie and say that you weren’t around your phone when the message was received.

There is a mod available that allows people to see if you are on a mobile device. I am not sure if Google will integrate this as a standard Google Talk feature in the near future – however, they really should. A few times I have messaged someone who was mobile and curtly told that they were mobile and can’t respond easily. I wouldn’t have instant messaged them if I had realised they were in transit or at work. Maybe they should have set their device to “currently mobile” (snicker). Having instant messaging software on a mobile device is a good thing – especially for those of us who despise text messaging (guilty as charged – I much prefer calling someone rather than sending them a message that is easily taken out of context).

So, in summation you do have a few options if you are sick of having Google Talk automatically sign you in. If you like having the ability to use Google Talk while mobile then consider changing your status to accurately reflect that you are on a mobile device – if you just hate it then disable it from signing in. You may not be a Google Talk user and not have anyone in your contact list anyway – of course you can just add selected friends from other messaging networks because Google Talk is a cross protocol client.



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