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Disable Google Checkout Cancelled Orders Email Notifications on Play Store

Most of you who have purchased any application at Google Play Store, you would have done it using the Google Checkout. The Google Checkout is a nice payment processor introduced by Google long ago and it’s the way only way you can purchase Android applications available for download at Google Play Store. Google Checkout works by attaching your Credit Card to your account as because it would remember your Credit Card information securely. For every application that you purchase or cancel the orders, you are notified with an email to your Inbox in Gmail.

If you are developers then you would see many sales and canceled orders as well. For every canceled orders, you are notified via email and many times you feel that these are unnecessary emails flooding your inbox. To prevent this notifications you can do it in easy way, check it out here.

Follow the instructions below to disable the email notification to your mail –

  • Log in into your Google Check out using the Google Account.Google Checkout
  • Go to Settings tab as seen on the top right side.
  • Now click on Preferences from the left side options.Google Checkout pref
  • On the left side you will find Order processing and uncheck the option of ‘Email me each time I receive an order, cancellation or other transaction’ option.Google Checkout Order
  • Hit Save Preferences to apply the settings.Save Settings

And these settings will stop Google Checkout to send email of cancellation orders.

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