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Disable Shutter Sound on HTC One X Camera – Continous Shooting Mode

We did the HTC One X camera review recently to show how well does the camera perform in taking multiple shots within a second, and that’s one of the unique selling points of the device as of now, when the other Android phones show a bit of lag for each capture. But with something so good, an annoying feature is not surprising. Nothing big, but many would not like the sound of the shutter that continuously bursts out multiple times within a second when you are using the continuous shoot mode.

Of course no one would want to have this continuous shoot disabled, as it has many advantages for the users, but the sound does annoy the ones being captured too. There is no direct option to disable all the shutter sounds that come in continuous manner but the first one can be shut off through the camera settings. When you are capturing a couple shots together, it would produce the sound of one as the first shutter sound is disabled. Here is how you can disable the shutter sound:

HTC One X Camera settings

  • Open camera app and click on the settings wrench icon on the top left side.
  • Scroll down to reach the “Camera Interface” settings area and click on it to open two options – Grid, Shutter Sound
  • Disable the shutter sound option and you are done.

HTC One X Camera interface settings

But wait, this doesn’t cancel all the shutter sounds that come continuously and if you are tricky enough to click just two shots at one time it would bring out the sound once.
To cancel the shutter sound totally, so that not even a single sound is heard, you need to follow the common-sense trick, i.e. entering into the silent mode. The silent mode of the phone cancels all the sounds including the camera shutter sound.

No exceptional trick but handy when someone wants to know if HTC has provided some dedicated option to turn off all the camera sounds, but unfortunately they didn’t. Not everything comes the first time, and we mentioned few other things which would make people think once before they purchase the HTC One X, but at the same time there are many reasons why one can blindly go and get a hold of it. Check out the HTC One X review.

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