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Honeywell Introduces Dolphin 7800 Android Rugged Handheld PC – Specs & Features

Honeywell has introduced first enterprise based digital assistant nearly called as tablet PC in general terms providing the users at business with the same platform which they come across their personal lives. The device is named as Dolphin 7800 is an Android rugged handheld computer providing the fast and accurate data navigation and capturing functions. This device is ideally suited for the person whose work is mostly related to reach customers or sales representative.

Dolphin 7800 Mobile Computer

Dolphin 7800 is a rugged handheld device better protect from toughness or normal wear and tears. This tablet is powered with dual boot OS between Google Chrome OS and Android OS. This mobile computer features superior 3.5 inches VGA display screen and going through the design we see that there is full QWERTY layout keypad spotted just below the device display. There is a big Scan button spotted just below the screen which is to scan the documents directly using the built in camera.Dolphin 7800 Mobile Computer

The ServiceACE application with TransportACE and RouteACE will provide service, transportation with better accuracy. This also comes with integrated GPS software as well.

Features of Dolphin 7800 Mobile PC

  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Powerful processor and network connections
  • QWERTY layout keypad
  • GPS
  • TransportACE and RouteACE Apps
  • Android OS
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