Download Android Market Version 3.4.4 Apk with Widget Support

Android Market LogoAll new Android Market has arrived and is dubbed as Android Market Place 3.4.4. This all new version comes after the Android Market Place 3.3.12. This all new update ropes in small visual changes where in the setting for automatically addition of Widgets to your home screen has been bundled. So, let’s quickly check out in the article on how you can make use of the same. The best part of this update is that this all new Android Market Place dubbed as 3.4.4 supports both the tablets as well as the Android smartphones. To a surprise, it also supports the latest Honeycomb 3.1 powered Google TV which is also known as Logitech Revue.

Last but not the least when we talk of new in this version, then this version also comes with the minor stability fixes with which this works fluently even in slower data speeds. So, let’s get started to the Screen captures of this all new Android Market Place followed by the small tutorial on how to install the same.

Screen Captures of Android Market Place 3.4.4 on Android Phone:

Android Market Place 3.4.4 Market Settings 3.4.4 2 Market Settings 3.4.4 1

Procedure to Update Android Market Place 3.4.4 in your Android Device:

  • First download, the Android Market 3.3.12 APK File from here, you need to now save the same in your computer or else you can alternatively can download in your phone too.
  • Once you finish downloading it in the computer, you now need to connect the device to the computer using the USB cable and then need to copy this downloaded apk file to your device and disconnect the USB device from the computer.

Select 3.4.4 APK Select OK Install 3.4.4 Installing 3.4.4

  • After this go to the path where you have placed this file with the help of file explorer and tap on the same to install the same and then tap on “Open” to open the new Android Market. As soon as the installation is done, you will be prompted to tap on the “Accept” button. After this the new market will be shown with the Welcome screen.
  • So, that’s it you have now successfully updated your Phone’s Android Market Place with the latest version of 3.4.4.
  • Up next, open the APK file which you placed in the phone so that you can then install the latest version of Android Market Place as shown in the below screen captures. Please note that just in case if it prompts you to select the option of “Unknown Sources” then you need to select the same.

Note: Please note that just in case if the market Force closes after being updated to Version 3.4.4, you need to clear the data from Settings > Applications > Manage > Market, and clear data.

Express Download Link:

Do let us know just in case of you face any issues in the comments section below as we will try our level best to sort out the same.

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      enable the usb debugging mode! and allow third party app installation support!

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