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Download Angry Birds Seasons with Arctic Eggspedition with Arctic theme, 25 Frosty Levels

Rovio Mobile’s best gaming app, the Angry Birds game has got an update for this holiday season of Christmas, as you get to see the Angry Birds Seasons app updated with the Arctic Eggspedition levels and you would be getting a total of 25 new frosty levels in the ice lands of the Arctic region. But there’s a catch, you won’t be getting everything at once, and there would be one level every day for the next 25 days till the Christmas.

Angry Birds Seasons Arctic Level

The game this time takes you to the icy places where you see some special eggs floating on the chilled water and the mission is again the same – break the shackles and obstacles and earn the points. Here are the exact details of the update as given in the Play Store:

  • Pack your bags for an Arctic Eggspedition with 25 festive, frosty, and fun-filled levels! Plus 4 bonus levels!
  • NEW FROSTY LEVELS! Get in the festive spirit with 25 advent calendar levels – one for each day before Christmas! Plus get 4 bonus levels!
  • NEW ARCTIC THEME! Take an Arctic Eggspedition and face sub-zero temperatures, large blocks of ice and some rather cold piggies!

Angry Birds Seasons Arctic

Angry Birds Seasons Game

So apart from the 25 levels that are going to come, there would be four bonus levels too. There’s a catch again if you weren’t happy enough to wait for each level to show up the other day – pay $1 and unlock all the levels at once. That is available as an in-app purchase, so the option is left to you.

The golden eggs showing up at some levels are the ones to watch out for. The game is as always a free one available on the Play Store and the download would have all the different seasons included in it, with this Arctic Eggspedition being a part of the Season 4.

Angry Birds Seasons on Play Store: Link

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