Download Google Now APK for Any Android Phone – Guide

GoogleNOW_LogoAdding to a long list of Google Applications, Google NOW which has been there available for users for quite a sometime will now have one more reason to rejoice as an all new update has made this app much stronger than ever. For all those, who are not aware of the Google Now, then Google Now is an Android app which lets you just get the right information at the right time which is the most important aspect of life. Be it Current Weather outside, Next train to your destination, your appointment alert, favorite team’s score, News Updates and also your travel itinerary including the current flight schedule without you needing to search / feed anything for these alerts. Isn’t it exciting, Google Now is all about that.

So, just in case if you missed the Action of Google Now till now, then we will guide you to the Glory as we will be giving you a direct APK link of Google Now which you can download, place the same in your device and open to install the same to experience the most sort of the convenience application.


Basically, Google Now scans your Android device thoroughly that it won’t miss anything to keep you updated with the latest. Be it your Next appointment, Boarding Pass, Weather / Traffic Updates, Hotel Reservations, events, friend’s birthday, stock updates, courier updates to name few, Google Now will bring you all the latest in the form of a Pop Up alert card.

To Download Google Now APK, all you need to do is to click on the below mentioned link to download the same in your computer or in your phone. Do let us know in the Comments section just in case if you face any issues or need any assistance on how to use Google Now.

Download Google Now


  1. Please provide us the link download file is removed!!!

  2. sampan bangpol

    say yes

  3. Tried to download file via my skyrocket galaxy s2 and it tells me I need an updated chrome. Less me to the desktop version to download. Doesn’t work on mobile version

  4. problem parsing the package. are u fooling ppl here.. its bad for business

  5. Now works?

  6. I have tried to install this and it is giving me an error. In the title of this post it says “Download Google Now APK for Any Android Phone – Guide” but there is no guide on how to install this app.. Please do the needful to help out..

  7. It says there’s a problem parsing the package. Can it be installed on an ICS phone?

  8. getting parse error….help

  9. not working in galaxy GT5670

  10. File doesn’t work, says “There is a problem parsing the package”.

  11. It’s working, not sure if it’s now or just a search. But the file called Google search

  12. i have the galaxy note running 4.0.3
    it says “parse error” “there is a problem parsing this package”
    please help !!



  14. dont work :(

  15. I click on the download link for the Google Now apk but it leads me to the Mega download site, which is looking for a decryption key. What do I use for the decryption key on the Mega site?

  16. Must just be a plot to get people to visit

  17. Mauricio Gonzalez Teran

    decryption key please!?

  18. encryption key?

  19. Enter description key?????????????????

  20. Seriously! What`s the encryption key already?

  21. Encryption key?

  22. please provide the KEY !!!!

  23. could you provide the decryption key?

  24. It says it needs an encryption key. Can’t download

  25. Mega Servers are too busy at these times i suppose. not able to download. can you pls upload it to dropbox/drive?