Download Google Now Powered SF Launcher for your Android Phone

Remember Google Now? An intelligent and customized version of the same is here and all thanks to the tram of SF Launcher who have put in some extraordinary efforts in coming out with a launcher which puts in the goodness of brilliant looking Google Now in it. So, let’s check out on what mettle it has got when compared to the other launchers and how it’s different in terms of feature line. The top section of the launcher is a header with the time, date, and a graphic of the San Francisco skyline from Google Now. This image changes based on the time of day. You can configure at what times the images change from header settings

As of now in the initial version, one can switch the top view between San Francisco, London, and the Generic Google Now background. Additionally, you can also set the top view of San Francisco, London and Generic Google Now. You can swipe to the right for the favorites section to access the list of all apps.  You can also add favourite

From this page, you can long press on an app and select “Add favourite” to add it to your favourites. You can also long press and select the option to uninstall the app. As of now this can be only used in currently portrait-only but developer will add the support and will also add the support to the larger screens.

S1 S2 S3 S4

This app has some issues as of now but will be fixed in the coming days, the issues are summed up below;

Known Issues:

  • Long press on the Widget is bit laggy,
  • While expanding Panels when the status bar is hidden, the same gets unhidden sometimes. So, till the time you interact with the app

To download this SF Launcher Launcher application in your Android device, you will have to download the same from the below mentioned link.