{Download} Hometube Video Launcher for Kids with Kid-friendly UI – Details

Everyone knows about YouTube and everyone also knows that it’s the best place for all video content. Just in case if you are planning to tell your kid to use YouTube then it might not be that kid friendly. But all thanks to the HomeTube which aims to provide a kid friendly interface along with the settings which parents can configure the same. While there are kid friendly tablets available in the markets already, kid friendly apps are still not matured and are in very limited numbers. One should definitely give this app to the kids for best interface and video assortments.



Chris Lucy is the person who developed this app and also has made some of the popular apps like Link Bubble and Action Launcher. The moment, you install and open the app, you will find the pre-selected assortment of categories which ranges from Spiderman cartoons to the superman flying to the Wiggles song for a price tag of $0.99, parents can choose their own categories for the child to make them watch. The best part of this app is that this app completely behaves like a launcher and takes over the phone completely and makes sure that kid doesn’t slip into some other app effortlessly. We have also mentioned some of the scree captures below which will give you more idea on how this app looks like.

Hometube is not a separate video application but is basically ab aggregator of all the video content which is available on YouTube. The app is free to download, but one can edit the categories and a onetime purchase of $0.99 which is somewhat worth for the experience which is being created with this app. If you wish to use the default settings, then it’s not required you to pay the fee of $0.99.

Do let us know your thoughts about this app in the comments section below as we will be more than happy to guide you for the same.

Download Hometube for Android

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