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Download Ice Cream Sandwich Music Player 4.0 Application Apk

Even though the latest OS from the Google Android development team is not yet available for many devices, their apps are now slowly available for us to try them out. Today we are going to give you not only a glimpse of the Music Player which would come packaged with the Ice Cream Sandwich4.0 OS but also give a direct download link for the same using which you can install the application onto your Android Device.

To get started with this app you need to download this apk file from our servers following which you will be asked to Install the same [Password - androidadvices.com]. If you get a message like ‘Install blocked’ then you need to tap on the Settings button to get to another screen. Next here you need to Check on YES for the ‘Allow installation of non-Market applications’. You need to ensure that this setting will actually allow you to install the apk files directly which can be risky too sometimes if downloaded from unknown sources.

Music App Installation Blocked Install Non Market Applications

Once you confirm the same, you will be asked to confirm the if you would like to install this application because it would not only get access to your accounts but also could get full Internet access and would be able to Read phone status & ID. Following this the app installation will continue.

Music App Installation Confirmation IceCream Sandwich Music App Install

Next the phone would be scanned for any locally stored music files and albums following which you would get the following screen.

Music Albums App

You need to tap on your favorite album’s cover and you will be shown with a list of all the available tracks in the same. The Track listing would show you with a Rating Up & Down hands icons set using which you can personally rate your favorite songs and also use other icons to repeat the track or pause or move to the next one. This application works well on both landscape and portrait mode.

Album Track Info Options


  1. This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.

  2. I suffered a Parsing error

  3. I have done some research and you can also download it from here

  4. Neal,

    I can not extract the file, it says file has not been extracted successfully !!! please help


  5. Hey NeaL, I am also getting the error. I am unable to unzip the file – music2.zip
    Can you please refresh the link or provide a new one?

    Thank You Very Much,

  6. Its the same error again.. Cant unzip the downloaded file.. Pls help .. File name – music2.zip

  7. will galaxy ace have android 4.0
    and also the new music app is just great

  8. Hi, Good Afternoon, is there a way to choose Folders to play?

    I can´t find the way to do it

    Thx in advance


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