Download Lucid Launcher APK with Unlimited Widget Support for Android Smartphone & Tablets

Lucid LogoLucid Launcher is one of the home screen replacement app which comes with the ability of unlimited widget addition. This launcher is fast and simple in terms of memory usage. This application is still in the alpha stage but is available in the Google PLAY Store. Unlike other launcher apps which consume lot of memory and resources, this lucid launcher is simple to use and also consumes lesser memory. There are many new launchers which are awaited in 2014, this seems to be one of the many new launchers. We have mentioned some of the features of this app below which will help you to decide on to whether install or not in your device. This application is supported in both Android tablets and smartphones. While there are already launchers like Ubuntu Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher etc., the best part of this launcher is that it comes with the simple UI with less complicated options.

Features of Lucid Launcher:

From unlimited widget support to the favorites on the sidebar to the fully functional web browser inside the launcher itself are some of the top features which are generally not offered by other launcher apps. For your convenience, we have also listed down the features of the Lucid launcher.

  • Unlimited widgets,
  • Favorites sidebar (with intro animation),
  • Search-bar,
  • Many customization settings,
  • Fully functional Web Browser inside launcher,
  • Widget Support,
  • separate landscape and portrait home page layouts,
  • Snap grid or free home page,
  • Page transitions

We have also mentioned the screen captures below of Lucid Launcher for Android tablet and android smartphone.

Lucid Launcher Lucid Launcher 2 Lucid Launcher 1

You can download Lucid Launcher wither from the Google PLAY Store or from the Direct APK link which can then be side loaded in your Android smartphone or tablet. Do let us know in the comments section on whether you have liked this launcher.




  1. powerpoint45

    January 6, 2014 at 11:58 am

    Nice writeup! I am the creator of this app and I find this article very well written. Thanks!

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