Download Phone Screen Sharing App for Non Samsung PC – Samsung SideSync Alternative

If you want to enjoy the Samsung SideSync features on your PC which is not based out of Samsung, then this guide can help you in enjoying the same. This is a very simple process can be completed with a few steps as mentioned below.

Samsung SideSync Alternative Demo

The first step for this would be download and Install the Samsung USB Drivers onto your computer, which ensures that the application can run perfectly. Next you will have to download the SideSync & Screenshare apk files onto your Phone which will help in connecting with your computer. All the download links are mentioned at the end of the article.

Ensure that you have Enabled the USB Debugging on the mobile device, as shown in the following tutorial.

After installing the USB Drivers on the PC, connect the mobile phone with your PC using a USB Cable. Following which the PC would detect the phone and then you would be able to run the Phone Screen Sharing Program on the PC to connect.

Following this you would be able to find that the Smart Phone’s display is replicated onto the desktop based application and you have a option to easily move around the Interface. You can even drag & drop files and also perform numerous actions from your desktop itself onto your Phone. We have made a video demo of this process on how it finally works which can helpful to you in understanding the whole system. Watch the video below.

Download Links :
Phone Screen Sharing Tool
Side Sync Tool for Samsung Laptops
Screenshare Apk
Side Sync Apk
USB Drives for Samsung Mobile Phones

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