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Download Adobe Flash Player 10.3 for Android – Latest

Adobe Flash 10.3 LogoSeems like Adobe Flash is all set to spread smiles for all the Android phone users as, Adobe unveiled an all new version of Flash Player 10.3. Last time we saw on how you can easily download and install Adobe Flash 10.2 version. The first and foremost question from you will be that what are the added benefits or the enhancements from the previous version and also the compatibility of Adobe Flash 10.3. You will be happy to hear that there are whole new set of customizations and improvements have been made in this 10.3 Android Flash Player release which are stated below.

Enhancements in the latest Flash Player 10.3 version:

  • First and foremost, the Adobe Flash Player now comes along with the security enhancements which provide added security.
  • Many of the Samsung Galaxy S users faced issues where H.264 video at resolutions of 720p and below was not displayed which is now been corrected in this version of 10.3 Adobe Flash.
  • All those android applications which were using Browser Plug-ins like Flash Player in Web View now will no longer need to set android: hardware Acceleration to True in their AndroidMainfest.xml for plug-in output to be rendered.  This was previously an issue on Android 3.0+ only.
  • Frequent crash on the HTC EVO as well as on HTC Evo 4G with some specific video watching has now been fixed
  • Many of the users has an issue with the Video frames being stopped from rendering on the long video streaming which is say about more than 1 hour long, this issue was mostly reported by the Motorola Users and the same has been fixed.
  • Most importantly for all the Gingerbread 2.3 users your device has now been further optimized as this Adobe Flash 10.3 updates NEON optimizations for OMAP4 (Cortex A-9) based devices.

If you are thinking that only brighter part comes with the Adobe Flash 10.3 then you got to give this a thought as Adobe itself released a list of limitations of using this Flash version of 10.3, though Adobe promised to solve all of the below mentioned in the next available update which will be soon released.

Issues and Limitations with Adobe Flash 10.3 version:

  • Users of Galaxy Tab will disable the hardware video decoding sometimes and also all some selected Android devices will have an issue regarding playing H.264 videos that is when you play multiple videos of H.264 on Nexus One only the first video will use the hardware decoder.  All other instances will be decoded in software which may make phone bit laggy and slow.
  • There will be some rendering issues of videos on HTC Desire and HTC Desire HD while playing videos and the issues of hanging and freezing might get reported and also on Galaxy Tab CDMA version breaks the RTMP video playback.
  • While resuming the video playback from the Sleep Mode, the frames in the Video buffer will render very fast till it catches up with the audio stream and also due to some algorithm issues with the power management APIs in Android, the streaming video will continue to play audio while the device is in sleep mode
  • Nvidia driver bug is still present on the Motorola Xoom which will make the browser unresponsive if the browser is put in the background while Flash Player is in Full-Screen mode and also for the users of HTC G2, the flash will stop responding once the keyboard is activated.

Please note that this Adobe Flash 10.3 version supports Android devices which is powered by Android’s Froyo 2.2 or 2.2.1 version, Gingerbread 2.3 and other 2.3 versions and also supports the latest Honeycomb 3 as well as 3.1 version.

Procedure to download and Install Adobe Flash 10.3 version on Android:

  • First up you will have to download Adobe Flash 10.3 for Android which contains the Adobe Flash 10.3 apk file, as soon as you download this in your computer, you will have to unzip the same and in the process if it prompts you to enter in the password then the password to be entered is “androidadvices.com”.
  • After extraction, you will get the apk file with the name “com.adobe.flashplayer.v10.3.185.21.apk”. Just copy this apk file in your Android phone and simply open this file in your phone so that it gets installed.
  • Just in case if you are surprised or wanted to know on how the issues get reported then you need to head to the Adobe Flash Support site where you can report the issues.Adobe Flash 10.3 in MarketPlace
  • Alternatively you can also download from the Android Market Place by scanning the QR Code which is mentioned below for FREE.
QR Code of Flash 10.3

Scan to download

Do let us know if you face any issues with the installation of Adobe flash 10.3 on your Android phone.


  1. Help adobe flashplayer..for android 2.2

  2. cannot spot the link for downloading the 10.3 .zip file…redirects me to a png image thats all…pls help

  3. Hey,
    I have recently purchased a samsung Galaxy Ace….I ‘ve been experiencing some problems .
    1)It does not support Adobe Flash Player
    2)We cant move applications from phone memory 2 sd card.As the phone memory gets filled up the phone slows down…

    for this i have read all da comments and have finalised 2 upgrade my mobile 2 Gingerbread.
    just wanna know that weather gingerbread has the abv. features. and would it be problem for me if i UPGRADE IT…??????
    ive just taken my phone a week ago .. and m new 2 Android ..
    would be glad if u helped????????????

  4. does it works on my Galaxy Fit?

  5. thankyou.

  6. It is possible to download and install Flash Player 10.2 or 10.3 onto a Galaxy Ace but it will not run as the hardware, CPU and GPU do not meet the minimum requirement to run the Flash Player application.

    The Ace has an 800Mhz ARM11 processor which is nice and fast but has been fitted with an Adreno 200 Graphic Processing Unit, (GPU) for the lower resolution screen employed to keep the price down.

    To run Flash Player 10.2/10.3 you need to have a Dedicated CORTEX A8(ARMv7) processor (with a minimum specification of 550Mhz for VGA or 800Mhz for WVGA) with NEON Technology and fitted with an Andreno 205 GPU for the higher resolution screen.

    A list of devices that will run Flash Player 10.2/10.3 can be found at: http://www.adobe.com/flashplatform/certified_devices/



  7. Everything was working fine on my Samsung Nexus S (Android 2.3.4 build GRJ22). I updated from the market and the last updates are defective. Video from the web are not playing anymore.
    Showing “install Adobe Player” with a link that redirect me onto the Market page but application is figuring as installed.

  8. i think untill samsung release a patch for the ace, it has’nt got the beans to carry out the task

  9. ok i uninstalled adobe flash 10.3 and went to flash vid site in skyfire……results.-

    skyfire playes the flash videos just the same.

    conclusion……. adobe flash 10.3 will install on to my galaxy ace running gingerbread xx2.3.4

    but wont intergrate into the browser, will rooting the phone make any difference>?

    skyfire does a great job of playing any flash file, (not streaming) so no flash telly.

  10. optomized skyfire vids from any flash site work very quickly and seemlessly with good quality, but its a 3 day trial with option to buy.

  11. what else i was gona mention is that i never tried the skyfire browser with out the adobe flash installed so dont no weather thats makin a diference or no.

  12. hi all i got a galaxy ace 2 days ago , fooked 1 up with rom manager , didnt read enuff and so took back to shop got another, flashed with latest gingerbread 2.3.4 no probs, downloaded the adobe flash file above extracted to my sd card, and it installed fine (wouldnt install with froyo2.2 onboard).
    rebooted phone. downloaded skyfire browser from market.

    now..currently, if i go to a site via android browser, nothing has changed flash files dont play.

    if i use skyfire and click the video button in the browser, it will analyse the vid , optomise it and then play it, but no video playing directly in the browser..

    il let you no if i can get anything else workin.


  13. I am getting the message ÄPPLICATION NOT INSTALLED” in samcung mini galaxy froyo

  14. i cant open the media flash player even if it says that the download is complete and it has been installed..what is wrong with it?

  15. It WONT work on samsung galaxy ace!!!! ;)

  16. whts the uses of this player in fone?

  17. hi neal pls tell me the uses of flash player 10.3 in samsung galaxy ace!!!!

  18. hi neal pls tell me uses of flash player 10.3 in samsung galaxy ace!!

  19. sanjib majumdar

    i have froyo updated samsung gt i5801. initially it was android 2.1 but now i have upgrated 2.2 recently. as per the instrustion i have downloded flash 10.3, but to install. pls suggest.

  20. Hi,

    I tried installing Flash Player in my Galaxy Ace GT-S5830,but it’s throwing some error message stating the application not installed. Can you please help us by sorting out this problem.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Delon Ronz

  21. neal i installed it and again i informed to download flash player i want to run zeenda cricket so tell me wht to do its still not working i had no installtion problem but working problem

  22. will it work if download the zip file in mobile and then unzip by androzip into . apk file.

  23. Us welkom and hoop to get the best!!

  24. Can’t install on LG Ally. Not sure why. Any other Ally user having problem installing this? Tx.

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