How to Download Unsupported Files with Android Browser

There are certain things which you can’t do it on your phone as you can’t download files from your Android Browser. The files which are not supported by your phone, it will not be download from Internet. If your phone doesn’t support viewing of XHTML file then you can’t download the same on your phone. And it’s not just only the file format which is not support but there exists so many file formats  on the web which are required a certain point of time and what’s the purpose of smartphone if it doesn’t come handy to you.

Internet Download

It’s not the case that your Android phone default browser doesn’t support downloading of unsupported files, you have to tweak your browser. You got to have Astro File Magazine Android application on your mobile phone.

Download and install Astro File Manager on your phone.

Launch the Astro File Manager and then press the Menu button and click on More.Astro Preference

Now go to Preferences where you can find the option of Enable Browser Download. Make sure to Check it.Enable Browser Download

With that option check, you can download the unsupported file formats from the Android Browser.

Astro File Manager Download

The Astro File Manager Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. From your phone visit Astro File Manager page and click on Install to automatically install this application. The Astro File Manager is the application which helps you to organize the picture, music, videos and other files on your phone. Other than that it features file or application backup, image and text viewers, downloader, thumbnails, application manager, task manager and attachment. With more than 20 million downloads this application is top rated apps.

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