Easiest Way of Wiping Phone Data – Before Selling your Android Phone

Reset AndroidTechnology is ever upgrading, you buy a mobile phone today and tomorrow there would be another with the latest upgraded versions to meet the future technology. So what do you do with your old mobile phone when you buy a new mobile? Surely you would not throw it away, you would be selling it for the price that it can get to the least on eBay or Amazon online or you would be giving it to your family members or friends or cousin. There are certain thing which you should take care of is to protect your data before you handover the phone to others.

By ensuring the following steps you take security of your personal and private data & information –

  1. Backup Your Data – The important thing is to back up your data so that it would be available to you on your new device. More importantly when you are selling the handset to the strangers, then you need to make sure that your personal & private data is not leaked to them. The easiest way to do it is to simply connect your phone to your PC so as you can make a copy of everything on your phone and thus save a copy of it on your PC. Now when you get the new phone transfer the content to that mobile.
  2. You should be careful of your microSD card and other external storage devices when selling the handset. You should either remove microSD card or format it and give it to the buyer.
  3. Finally, you should be happy to do a factory restore to your phone before handing over your mobile phone to the buyer.

The above steps will ensure you that none of your contact information, emails history or password are fell into the wrong hands when you switch over to a new device.

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