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Hello LogoHello Expense, no am not welcoming an expense but yes you can actually say hello to all your expenses which can be done by tracking the same as in when it happens. Right from your income to the expenses you can track them all and yes am talking about this right on your Android phone with the help of an application called Hello Expense. With so many customized options along with the exciting and a fresh new user interface which is pegged to give you a simple overview of all your expenses as shown below.

In the main screen as soon as you download, install and open the application, you will have to enter in the dollars along with the option of a date as well as the memo. With the help of so many categories, you can make use of different expense categories you can choose the each one and can enter in the item as you can see. Unlike other apps this app is much kind of a real looking application and also most importantly you can easily view the expenses on a day to day basis, monthly as well as weekly or alternatively you can also look all your expenses on one page.

Expenses 2Expenses 1Expenses 3Expenses4

As you can see that with all controls right on the dashboard, it becomes a breeze in managing all the expenses. To further add the simplicity, you can make use of the tags with which you can setup the tags for all your expenses and also you can export all your expenses via an email to the SD Card and cal also purge the expenses which are marked as “Purgeable” and can also you can make use of purge memo hints so that you can auto complete all the memos in the dropdown manner.

There are two different versions of hello money, one is the free version with ads and another one is the version which is with ads which is a paid application which costs 1$. So, to download this application, you can scan the below QR Code to download this application to your Android Phone from Android Market Place.

Download Hello Expense:

Hello Expense QR Code

AndroidAdvices App Rating – 4/5

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