Facebook Launches the ‘Nearby Friends’ – Lets you Find your Friends Nearby – Details

Facebook has launched a new feature call the Nearby friends that lets your friends see how far are you from their place. For this you have to share your location initially. This feature lets you spend more time with your friends in directly instead of chatting or talking online. This feature will be hitting the Android and iOS devices in the US in few weeks.

This Nearby Friends was built by Glancee location sharing app team that is led by Andrea Vaccari. This app was acquired by Facebook back in 2012 and Nearby Friends adds a list of friends to Facebook’s app and it will be sending you notification if any of those friends in the list is in the nearby location. More over you can also share your precise location and all your friends will be able to see it on their maps so that they can spot you easily.

Facebook Nearby Friend

Andrea Vaccari said that – We have seen in the data that even though everybody was talking about social discovery, the data wasn’t corroborating that. It was the opposite, she also mentioned that the idea was to make it easy to discover your friends whenever someone is around so that you can meet up and spend some time also.

This feature will give you the privacy as you can ignore it and stop using it if you don’t want to and you can add as many friends on to the list that you want to know about and other cannot see the location. You can only see the location of your friend if both of you are turning on this feature since it uses the reciprocal privacy model. This is available only for people over the age of 18.

After you get the update of this Nearby friends, you will be getting their app list in Facebook navigation menu in the More option. From this menu you can turn on or turn off the Nearby friend and you can also select if you want to share you proximity with all your friends or just a specific friend list or group.


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