How to Use Facebook share button on HTC Chacha Mobile

HTCHTC ChaCha, a beautiful mobile is out in the market with wide variety of features. Coming straight away to the point, ‘F’ button is the new feature in this mobile. What does this ‘F’ button depict? HTC ChaCha has dedicated this ‘F’ button to Facebook (Social networking site). Yes, now users can directly go to the Facebook site with this all-new dedicated ‘F’ (Facebook) button. In this article we will see how to use this ‘F’ button.

With the ‘F‘ button users can now directly update their status and share the music, photos, and location with their friends. Now we will check in detail how to use these functionalities.

How to post status update using ‘F’ button:

  • Now it is very easy to update your status on the Facebook with this ‘F’ button on HTC ChaCha. Just press the ‘F’ button, add up the status, and post it directly. That’s it, now go on, and try this with your HTC ChaCha.

HTC status

How to Share music using ‘F’ button:

  • Now you can tell your friends about the music you are listening and the process is very simple. Just open and play the music file, now press the ‘F’ button. That’s it the music will be shared as shown in the image below.

HTC ChaCha HTC ChaCha

How to upload and share photos using ‘F’ button:

  • Now, with the ‘F’ button you can directly share the photos with your friends and can also upload the photos. Just open the gallery on the phone and select the photo to share and choose ‘Mobile uploads’ as shown in the image below. That’s it; your photo is shared on the Facebook account and you can add the description. To upload the photo, just choose the photo and press ‘F’ button.

HTC Upload HTC Upload

How to post the website links to the Facebook wall using ‘F’ button:

  • Just open the link in the browser which you want to share and press the ‘F‘ button. That’s all, the link will attach to your Facebook account status, and now you can add the information and post it. This is almost the easiest way to share the links in Facebook via mobile.

HTC link

This dedicated ‘F’ button is really performing its functions very well. So, we can perform all the above-mentioned functionalities with this all-new dedicated ‘F’ button on HTC ChaCha.

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