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FileVault App – Best Android File Security Tool with Encryption for all Files

With increasing file storage capacities in smartphones upto 32GB and microSD slots upto another 32GB, smartphones are increasingly becoming the best portable storage medium for all the personal data of a user. From HD movies to documents to photos, it has become very convenient to carry the information in the Android smartphone.

Filevault is a security app which secures all your files and folders using complex encryption algorithms to provide the best file privacy possible.

Files added to fileVault application are encrypted & hidden and will not show up in any application or file manager. FileVault is password-protected and implements advanced encryption algorithms (ARC4/Blowfish) for absolute file privacy. You can quickly add photos/audio/video with gallery-style selection or browse the entire SD-card to add any type of file.

Quick features :

  • Selectable encryption algorithm – ARC4/Blowfish-128bit/Blowfish-256bit
  • Intuitive file chooser to select media files easily.
  • Encrypt and hide any file from SD-card.
  • Supports all file types.
  • Automatic logout / cache flush on keyguard unlock.
  • Sleek and intuitive UI.

As the caption of the app says, encrypt and hide. If you are the kind of person who stores a lot of personal data and would want to protect your information securely, FileVault is the best app to download. FileVault App can be downloaded from the Play Store here .

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1 Comment

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    Good post darkie.

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