How to Find Amazon Kindle Fire Mac Address

kindle fire logoMAC Address is a very important thing in Wi Fi if ever you want to have an access to the secured Wi Fi, as you can set your Wi Fi in such a way that the internet access can only be given to selected MAC address devices which is nothing but the “MAC Binding”. So, on the similar lines we will guide you in this article on how you can first of all find the MAC ID of your Amazon Kindle Fire so that then you can change your Wi Fi settings accordingly.

So, let’s now check out a small procedure wherein you can easily find the Mac address in your Amazon’s Kindle FIRE.

Procedure to Find Amazon Kindle Fire’s Mac Address:

  • From your Amazon Kindle Fire, head to the home screen and on the top right corner you will see an icon which is of “Settings”, tap on the same.

Home Screen Kindle

  • Once you tap on the “Settings”, you now need to tap on “More” as shown in the below screen capture.

Select MORE

  • Now, tap on the option called “Device” in the “Settings” Page.

Select Device Amazon Kindle Fire

  • After this, you now need to go to the option called “Wi Fi Mac Address” where you will get to see the MAC Address of the device.

Wi Fi MAC in Kindle Fire

So, in this way you have successfully learnt on how to find the MAC Address in your Amazon Kindle Fire.

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