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Find MasterCard ATM Address on Android Phones

ATM Hunter LogoWith so many Banking institutions in place along with so many banks with lakhs of ATM around the world, it’s evident that whenever you visit a new place, you will end up searching for an ATM to withdraw the money. So, you may now ask, why there wasn’t an app for this just like any other smart application, yes, your wish has come true as with the arrival of Master Card ATM hunter app which is specially designed for the Android smart phones.

With exact listing of a nearest Master Card ATM location with a proper mention of all the landmarks so that you can find a new place very easily. All you need to key in is either your current location or the address from where you want the nearest Master Card ATM or also you can enter in the nearest Airport if you are near to anyone.

Master Card ATM HunterMaster Card ATMsMaster Card ATM

Additionally, the ATM hunter uses the Phone’s GPS to automatically detect the location and search the same. You can also search based on your unique banking needs – such as a search for a specific financial institution if they need to make a deposit or surcharge-free ATMs. MasterCard ATM Hunter can also pinpoint wheelchair accessible, drive-thru or 24-hour access ATMs and provide directions to get there.

Along with the Master Card ATM locator, the MasterCard ATM Hunter app also includes a new Pay Pass locator feature in the app itself. Now you can easily locate the nearest merchant who accepts Pay Pass. You can easily download this application from the Android’s Market Place. If you are an ICICI Bank customer then you have got a better app where you can make the most of your ICICI Bank account with which you can not only check the account balance but also can search for the nearest ATM, transfer the funds and can also check the statements of their account.

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