Firefox 4 Beta for Android – Faster and lighter

firefox androidA month ago, the first beta version of Firefox 4 for mobile was launched, which got pretty bad reviews and that was nothing unbiased. It was very buggy, slow and heavy for using in mobile devices, but now Mozilla team has relaunched the beta version, making it lighter and faster.

The new beta is available for download and surprisingly, the installation file is very small when compared to the previous beta launch. It was 43MB earlier, but now it is a 13.8MB .apk file. And the cluttered view which was too slow to use earlier, now has become better and the speed of the app has risen. A good news that the mozilla team is still trying to reduce the size of installation file, that instead would reduce the load on the phone memory. Here are a few changes one would notice –

  • Installation file made smaller by 60% than the previous launch.
  • Page loads are faster by around 40% than the previous launch.
  • Now localized in 10 languages
  • New theme
  • You can now undo closing a tab
  • Improved text spacing
  • No cluttering of left and right sections, and the page is well spread, hiding the side sections when not needed.
  • Faster and more accurate multitouch zoom
  • RAM usage was slightly reduced, when used for 2nd time. First launch took around 44MB memory with 4 tabs open, but on 2nd launch, it went to 32MB with the same tabs.

Other features that were present already from the previous beta launch were the Sync, which helps syncing the personal data and bookmarks etc. between the mobile and desktop firefox versions. Add-ons, pinch-to-zoom, tabbed browsing in thumbnail view etc. is what carries from the previous version.

Download the Firefox 4 beta for Android and Maemo mobiles from

One comment

  1. I would still stick with the default Android browser, or with Opera Mini which is very lighter and faster than the Firefox app. Is the app out of beta?