Firefox aims to Launch Smart Watches with Firefox OS ahead of Google & Apple

While the reports are on the high that Google is working on the Smart Watch and could showcase a glimpse of it in the upcoming Google IO event, reports now claim that Firefox too wishes to power the smart watches and Shanda which is a well-known Electronics company will be coming out with the same. Shanda’s dream is to build a gaming set top box which will be launched very soon and they also confirmed that they are working on a smart watch which is based on the Android OS. If smart watches were not enough, there are also reports which suggest that Xiaomi was developing a pair of Smart Shoes which too will be launching shortly.

Recently there were many smartphones showcased which were based on the Firefox OS platform and smart watches are just an extension to the same. It is expected that before Google or Apple pops out their smart watches based on their respective platforms, Firefox is working hard to come up with its development compared to the peers. These smart watches will come with many features which will allow you to access the Google PLAY Store and also will allow you to read eBooks etc. With small size factor, it will even help you by keeping a check on your fitness with various apps. There are other Smart watches available in the market which are launched by SONY, Pebble, iWatch etc.


We will keep you posted about all the latest happenings on the Smart watches. There were some images which were leaked last week and suggests that Bambook smart watch will be based on the Android or Firefox OS of which the Images are mentioned above. Though there are no details about the pricing, but we get to hear that the prices will hover around $100.


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