How to Fix Bricked Phone & Factory Restore Samsung Epic 4G

Sprint Epic 4G LogoIn Android if you update with any of the custom ROMs or say with any of the other firmwares apart from the official ones. It’s considered as “Sin” by the phone manufacturers as the warranty gets void after doing all the customization. So, just in case due to some reason you wish to get back to the official version which is the EC 05 / EB 13 version of Froyo then we will help you to install the same or revert back to the same. So, no matter on what version of current firmware version you are on, you will be easily able to revert back to the official Froyo version of firmware.

Disclaimer: At Android Advices, we have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your Samsung Epic 4G which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions carefully.

The best part of this article is that anyone with their Samsung Epic 4G can apply this process as it’s a cent percent harmless procedure as you are reverting back to the official version of firmware. So, for all users who have Soft bricked their Samsung Epic 4G phones can now proceed to Unbrick by following the steps which are mentioned in the article.

Just in case if you are on a BRICKED phone then you need to skip the mentioned pre Requisites while the users who are on any of the custom firmware then you need to follow the list of pre Requisites so as to safely update the firmware version. So let’s proceed with the list of pre Requisites followed by which we will see on procedure to update with EC 05 / EB 13 version of Froyo.

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