Fix Download Mode & Recovery Mode Bug in Galaxy S

Galaxy S LogoWe got several comments that some of the users of Samsung Galaxy S GT-19000 are unable to get into the download mode and the recovery mode which is a must before updating with the new firmware. Though this problem is normal and there is no need to panic if you too are experiencing this issue with your Galaxy. Many of them have experienced this issue, but since Samsung doesn’t allow you to flash, so even if you take your phone to the service centre of Samsung they will not solve this problem as flashing your device with the firmware of your choice is not yet allowed by the Samsung.

Actually many users are unable to put the device in the download and recovery mode by using the 3 button combo and due to which users are unable to try the leaked firmwares and also some of the mods like Cyanogen mod etc. Please note that the below procedure will work for most of the users but the below procedure is not advisable for those whose Galaxy S GT I9000 is locked by their operators. Most importantly, we take no liability for any problem arised after following the below procedure. So, lets see how you can get away with this problem. It’s also recommended to take a backup of all your data as in an unlikely event you may even lose all the data in your phone.

Make sure that you have the following things before proceeding to the procedure,

  • Make sure that you have all the drivers installed on your Galaxy S which can be done from Kies PC suite.
  • Also, make sure that you install ADB on your system and also USB debugging mode should be turned on which can be done by going to Settings>Applications>Development and select USB debugging.

USB Debugging

  • Now, without plugging in the USB cable just type in *#0228# in the phone dialer, and ensure that Voltage value is at least 3800 (mV).(This must be done WITHOUT plugging in the USB cable).
  • Now, download the Odin and also the Modified SBL tar file. Ensure that you have removed your SIM and external microSD card before initiating this process

Now, after this ensure that you are having the admin rights to the PC from which you are accessing it. After downloading the Odin, click on the PDA tab and select the SBL tar file which you have downloaded. Most importantly ensure that you have unchecked the option of “Repartition” and checked the option of “Phone Boot loader Update” as shown in the below screen shot and apart from this no other option needs to be selected like Phone, CSC, Dump or also don’t check mark any other options as this may completely mess up your mobile which may eventually lead to  bricking of your device.


  • Now, after selecting the options as mentioned above, you will now have to start a command prompt and need to go to the location where you have installed the ADB. After this you will have to enter the following command,

“adb reboot download”

  • Now, you will see that your device will enter in the download mode, please here don’t pull out the device from the USB as this may do a serious damage to the device, now if you check the screen, you will see that the “ID:COM” block will turn yellow as shown in the above screen shot. If it doesn’t turn yellow, repeat the whole procedure again till the block turns yellow. Now, after checking all the options as shown above you are now ready to proceed.
  • download mode

  • Now, just click on the “Start” button in the Odin and wait till the whole process gets finished as it will take some amount of time after which your phone will be rebooted automatically.
  • recovery mode

So, that’s it after the reboot, you can now check that the download mode and the recovery mode in your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 will be working fine. Actually in some of the batch phones this problem is there, though most of the handsets are OK and doesn’t require the above procedure for activating the download mode and recovery mode combo.

Now, as both the download mode and the recovery mode are activated, you can download the latest firmware for Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 which is one of the most battery efficient and also one of the smoothest firmware.



  1. FONKOU Barthélémy

    How to verify that ADB is install on the system ?

  2. FONKOU Barthélémy

    Hello. Thank for the answers anyone could give me. I have one question. Is the above procedure can be applied to the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-9300 ?

  3. alright so… the sbl tar file… I’ve read all the comments here but it doesn’t seem like you’re replies help, no offense. I downloaded onto my windows PC. After unzipping once, I found a single file under the name “Modified SBL”. So when I opened the file it only contained 2 bin files: “boot.bin” and “Sbl.bin”. There was nothing in there close to .tar whatsoever. So could you give a new legitimate link to a SBLtar?

  4. I have Galaxy SL GT-I9003, I followed the above procedure to fix the three button download and recovery mode. Everything went smoothly, i.e., from the command prompt I run “adb reboot download”, then I went to odin and wait until the com:id become yellow then I press “START” after checking that repartition is unchecked and phonebootloader is checked as instructed in above. The process went good and I got a message which says “PASS” in the Odin box above ID:COM box with a green color but after that my phone wont start at all. No power, no nothing. Pls help!!

  5. it is illegal so i will not get help from there and when i went to centre they said we will not help you to root or do anything

  6. i have galaxy ace and i m not able to go to download mode and not even not able to do any thing in recovery mode it always says
    error in tmp/sideload/
    status 7 help me

  7. Now, after selecting the options as mentioned above, you will now have to start a command prompt and need to go to the location where you have installed the ADB. After this you will have to enter the following command,
    i m not able to understand this and can u send me the link for abd plz plz after installing abd what to do plz help me

  8. Would this work on a Samsung Captivate Glide i927? It’s from the same family, but it is not a Galaxy S.
    I have the same issue: no download mode with the button combo.

  9. i have this same problem on my galaxy ace

  10. thank u very very much did work for mine. wish u best

  11. Hi,
    I have already installed the XXJVP 2.3.4 ROM after following instructions from you on this site.(about 6 months back)
    Now when i wish to access Recovery mode, i can’t access it from adb or the 3 button method. Download mode works fine. I had rooted the device and installed the Voodoo Lag fix at the same time when i updated the device. Can i update without going to recovery mode?

  12. Neal, you are of no help –at all.

  13. Got to the point where I am to enter “adb reboot download” at the command prompt. Unfortunately I cannot find the ADB file. My computer does not recognize the phone even though it shows up as a device. I am stumped.

  14. Having tried to update to this firmware and after several failed attempts I now have a phone which is bricked. I have taken the battery out of it to stop it but every time i reconnect the battery all I get is a phone symbol with an orange triangle with a ! in the middle of it between a symbol representing a PC.

    I cannot get out of this and feel that my phone is bricked. I would not advise anyone to try this unless they are prepared to have a phone that is useless, sorry but I do not think it is worth the chance that your phone will end up like mine, useless as it is. Can someone please help me to try and recover my phone, thanks to anyone would can and will help.

    Best wishes Wez

  15. what exactly do you mean by.. ”you will now have to start a command prompt and need to go to the location where you have installed the ADB. After this you will have to enter the following command “adb reboot download” ” ??

  16. cant get into recovery/downloading mode//////

  17. cant get into recovery mode ….. held down the volume and power button but still…. doesnt seem to work…..getting frustrated… i ve a galaxy s vibrant from t mobile…. unlocked …. need to update the os to gingerbread2.3.3….. help needed ……

  18. Help!

    Followed instructions to fix the bug on my Samsung Galaxy S 4G. After completing the process, I unplugged the USB cable, replaced the SD and SIM cards and hit the power button.. NOTHING. No boot, no reboot, charging light doesn’t even come on when I plug it in. Is there any way to fix this?

  19. Hi- i did this steps to my galaxy ace device…
    When it is finished and i saw the blue “Pass” icon I closed odin and removed the cable and now my phone doesn’t turn on!!!!!

    what should i do?????????

    Help me!

  20. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Model P1000.
    I had Android FROYO 2.2 installed and all the fuctions worked well.
    The official Samsung update to 2.3.3 failed.
    Following a manual upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.3 / Baseband P1000XXJPZ / KERNEL (SE.INFRA@SEP-52 #2) – Build Number GINGERBREAD XXJQ1.
    My Galaxy Tab works but I CANNOT access the recovery mode to clear the cache etc.
    Would the patch for the galaxy S work on my Galaxy Tab?
    Is another patch available to fix the recovery mode failure issue on the 7″ P 1000 Samsung Galaxy Tab?

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated Thanks

  21. my galaxy s i9000 camera stop working after upgrading camera firmware now its not ready to work again its says camera fail.i try few things & its still same not working.i don,t want to try something that is really difficult or risky please help me soon i am so passionless i just bought it before a month thanks in advance

  22. I am SOO confused by all this I have decided not to bother!!!

  23. Solution for my samsung galaxy fit (S5670) Kies says “This version of the device cannot be updated”

    my Current firmware version: PDA:KPG / PHONE:KPG / CSC:KPG (SER)

  24. Hello,

    My phone will not turn on after this…everything had seem to be fine until the reboot then it did not turn on. What can I do to fix this?

  25. I really like this version thanks for this update.

    I just want to ask sometimes when I turn my WIFI from the menu phone restarts is this related to only my phone?

    This wasn’t happening in froyo. It is started happening with Gingerbread.

    Any ideas please?

  26. i started the everything but tell me if this is right aries_P-SBL.tar.md5

  27. is there a video on how to do this

  28. All,

    I have a serious problem after trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S I.
    After installing Samsung Kies, I saw that I could update my firmware to Gingerbread. When trying to update the device, the phone “hang” and was not responding.
    After I removed the battery, a picture was shown. Unfortunately I cannot post it, but it looks like a telephone, a small yellowsign and a computer
    Now I cannot turn my telephone in the safe mode, which I need to try a ODIN install.
    Can anybody help me with this?
    Thanx in advance

  29. i unzipped the sbl and it sbl.bin…
    its not recocnized in odin as tar file…
    what do i do?

  30. Thank you Neal for the article,

    I followed the steps as directed .. I got the green box in Odin. My device(GT-P1000) then turned off (to restart) and since then, the camera flash light turned on it doesn’t show anything on the screen not even the logo.

    I Tried to press and hold the following button combinations without any result:
    Power+vol up+vol down
    Power+vol down
    Power+vol up

    when I press and hold the power button, the flash light turns off for couple of seconds and then flashes again.

    So Simply my GT is a flash light now.. The device is hot, because of flash light, I’m also worried that it will affect the battery and the hardware.

    How can I fix it ….. Please help :(

  31. Neal – I appreciate the hard work you have put into creating this guide – however as countless people have said, the part in your instructions about applying the Modified SBL are incorrect.


    The content of the you linked to are:
    Modified SBL\boot.bin
    Modified SBL\SBL.bin

    This is not a matter of people not understanding your instructions – the fact is that either the file contents are incorrect or your instructions are incorrect.

    Can you please post a response to this rather than telling people that “it is in the article” or “Just do it again”

    I have gone over your article multiple times and as I mentioned there is no TAR files in the you provided.

    • Ok guys after some hunting I have found another source for the Modified SBL file (named: P-SBL.tar.md5.tar)

      I have used this file and confirmed that it works properly and my SGS now has the proper Download & Recovery Mode.

      Download the TAR file from this URL:I have a feeling that either the moderators or the forum itself is stripping URL’s that are being posted here ….so fingers crossed that you can see the URL I posted above!

      One thing I did notice – if you open P-SBL.tar.md5.tar using Windows Explorer/WinRAR etc you will find the same 2 bin files found in the ZIP file that people (like myself) were initially downloading. So I suspect the problem was that THE WRONG FILE FORMAT was uploded in the article.

      DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THE FOLLOWING!!!! – but I suspect that if you take boot.bin and SBL.bin and add them to a TAR file, that TAR file should be able to be used by ODIN to fix the Download & Recovery Mode bug. AGAIN THIS IS JUST MY SUSPICION – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JUST USING THE ORIGINAL P-SBL.tar.md5.tar FROM THE URL I JUST PROVIDED.

      Hope this helps you….

    • modified zip sbl file is there, you will have to unzip the file to get the same!

  32. wrong password :(

  33. I you don’t want to take on this project yourself you can order I USB Jig from here orver 1,500 sold all over the world and I test everyone on my phone before shipping it out. It is also on ebay

  34. What is SBL tar file? Where can get this?

  35. My problem is after the upgrade failed my phoned turned off then kies says to do emergency recovery take battry out hold down vol home and power button others say up volume but no matter what way my phone wont turn on at all any help please

  36. It is becoming a nasty world !
    Companies do what they please, and people are forced to follow armatures! Overlooking the dangers of that hacks … then fall in the trap of deciphering!
    Don’t you think you should have “defined the problem” before you start suggesting the fix?!
    No, I do not know what the problem is! I am here, because another armature sent me here saying I’d better not have this problem!
    Well, I know you will delete this … but please read it first! … if you care about doing good, do something about it !

    • I found what the “3 button combo” is ! and I surely think that it should have been mentioned here. They are “volume down” + “home” + “power” pressed at the same time for few seconds (maybe 7 seconds). And, yes, that’s an amature answer !

  37. hello

    i followed the procedure and my phone will not turn on now at alll any help pleaseeee…..

  38. Where can i find the ADB file


  40. Guys, I think I found that SBL file, you can download it here

  41. where do i download the sbl tar file?

  42. i tried this method and my phone is now bricked…
    maybe I did something wrong, but I followed every single step.

    How can I now unbrick my phone, if I can’t get into the Download Mode??
    And I have no USB JIG?

    Some idea?


  43. Neal, please answer. Check the right now. There are only .bin files, stop telling people just to unzip it once and provide the proper files.

  44. wat is the password…..

  45. Charith Geeganage


    im having some issue when trying to run the command promt…..when i typed “adb reboot download” and hit enter…it says “Device not found” pls help…THANKS!!!

  46. Same problem, no .tar file, only 2 .bin files are there.

  47. linked here is a ZIP file with 2 bin files inside. The picture and your instructions say I should point the PDA tab to a TAR file, which is not provided. Am I missing something obvious? thanks

  48. @Rohin, same here! And how can i get out of download mode since i won’t be able to complete the steps now? With an adb command i guess, but which?

  49. There is no .tar file, only 2 bin files. please sort this out. really need help

  50. Mate, the modified link does not contain the file you have suggested. As everyone above has mentioned, it seems to contain 2 bin files. It has only been unzipped once. Can you please re-upload it?


  51. Same problem, no .tar file…. please upload it again if possible…..

    also where is the adb driver installed…. when i install them it says installed successfully but i cant find them any where..!

  52. Yeah, i’m having the same problem as others where there are only 2 bin files & no tar, directly saving & not unzipping i can’t see the zip file when i go to select PDA and if i unzip and go to select PDA there’s nothing there as there are no zip files only bin, please help really need to fix my phone!

  53. Niranjan Das Sharma

    I am also not getting the tar file. I am just getting one file which produces one folder named modified-SBL and two bin files within that.
    # how should you load the tar file with the phone off?
    # Iam not getting the ID:Com yellow when i connect
    please help

  54. HEY ,
    I did try to download MODIFIELD SBL ..
    however i am only getting to BIN files and no TAR FILE

  55. i have the same problem as haak, and i didnt unzip any internal folder, your link just got 2 .bin files

  56. Neal,

    Maybe your file is broken.

    When we download the “Modified SBL” at the file does not contain the “SBL tar file” that you mention in this step: “After downloading the Odin, click on the PDA tab and select the SBL tar file which you have downloaded.”.

    Can you check if the file is OK? Here appears only 2 files:
    1) boot.bin
    2) Sbl.bin

    and no “.tar” file.

    Thank you.

    • @haak don’t unzip the internal folders, just unzip the main folder.

        i have just unzip modifiled sbl and there are 2 file
        there i no TAR file

      • Neal,

        There is no internal zip folders.

        There’s only one .zip file named “”, inside this .zip there’s only one folder called “Modified SBL” and inside this folder there’s only the “Boot.bin” and “Sbl.bin”.

        Where am I wrong? Can you help me?


      • No u r Write Same here

  57. can’t find *.tdr file. there are only two files after extract 1) boot.bin 2) sbl.bin

  58. Hi neel

    i click the start button in odin but below shows in message box for long time, noting happening….

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:13)..
    File analysis..

    please help

  59. Thanks a heap, worked like a charm :)

  60. hi neal i download the file nad it contains 2 .bin files not .zip plz help

  61. I click on PDA tab, open de SBL downloaded folder and nothing to select!

    this is the folder:

  62. should we remove the SIM card before this?

  63. Hi Neal,

    Where is the sbl tar file? I just see the sbl bin file.

  64. Hi

    I did the above mentioned process but as soon as i initiate “adb reboot download” it restarts my phone but still does not go into download mode but the “ID:COM” block does go yellow.

    Any thoughts?

    • @Gray hey just repeat the process or else you need to try entering into the download by normal method, it may be the case that your phone was alright !

      • Hi Neal

        thanks. I tried both methods, still nothing. i held the volume down and middle button whilst turning it on and i tried your process for the third time. The phones brand new. is there a possibility that the process wont work on it. Im trying to upgrade the firmware to froyo as i cant using kies in my country..

      • Hi neal

        I managed to get into the download screen. Now as soon as i clicked start on the odin app it said failed. Now my phones bricked. is there any way to fix this?

        • hey @gray just flash your phone with XXJVK the problem will be solved!

        • Couldn’t get the phone into download mode so had to sent it in to Samsung but thanks for your help anyway. hopefully i dont brick it agian when i try it again.

  65. hello Neal,

    Please source out some help. i’m not able to flash. so i’m tryin the other route. but not able to find what do u mean by ” adb ” and where can i download it. i have downloaded all the other files.

  66. also whats the password for the SBL ??
    i cannot access any thing :(

  67. what the password for odin ??

  68. hello there.

    I’v been looking through the site, and am unable to find what i’m looking for to help me. Here’s my problem.

    Earlier today, my phone decided to power off. Ok. fine. Upon pushing the power button, to turn it back on all it does is flash the ‘galaxy S gt-i9000m’ start up logo thing. I’m unable to get my phone to turn on as normal. I’m not trying to do any firmware updates, nothing. I’v no interest in any of that. I just want my phone back. Please email a responce.

  69. Also can you please tell me where to get that ADB that is meant to be installed on my PC? Thanks

  70. How safe is this? I’m having difficulties to go in to recover and or download mode on my SGS xxjpy stock firmware. Can I brick my phone if something goes wrong?