Fix Galaxy S4 Heating Issues & Check Temperature during Gaming Playback & Browsing

There have been numerous reports on the web claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S4 heats up a lot and we did a quick video on the same while making a note of the temperature. We played a few resource intensive games and browsed the web for a few minutes continuously to ensure that the device heats up. Following this we checked the results of the battery usage along with the temperature as shown below and found that as the temperature increased, the battery also went down at the same time.

Galaxy S4 Battery Monitor

Now during this test we found that the device actually heats up around the Camera area and does not go to the extent we found on the Snapdragon S4 devices earlier. Check out the Video below which can help you in fixing the heating issues on the Galaxy S4.

As shown below there are the Notification Shortcuts which displays few options which can not only heat up your device but also use a lot of your battery which include the ones which need the sensors to be running all the time. In short you should disable the Air Gesture, Sync, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, Air View etc if you are not using them all the time to ensure that the device stays cool.

Galaxy S4 Notification Shortcuts

To sum up, we would suggest you to watch the video above for more insights on this topic. Do let us know if you still get the heating issues on your smart phone even after trying out the steps mentioned in the above video.

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