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How to Fix HTC One X Screen Flickering Issues – Backlight Problem

HTC One X Screen FlickrYou might probably be one of the first set of proud owners of the quad core Android smartphone, the HTC One X but there have been some minor complaints from some users of the HTC One X like the battery bug on it. If you feel you are experiencing quick draining of your battery, you can try to Fix HTC One X Battery Drain / Tegra3 Power Management Software Bug.

Many users are also complaining that their screens are flickering constantly, though in a very minute and small magnitude. Going by most of the users comments in the XDA forum, many HTC One X users also have their backlight constantly flickering. HTC hopefully, will soon release a fix through an Over the Air Update or maybe arrange for replacement devices through nearby service centres.

But till an official announcement from HTC is out, you can try these options out:

  1. Go to Settings->Display and reduce the brightness of the device to any value below 15.
  2. Go to Settings -> About and try to update the software, if it is available. We do not know when HTC might release a small fix for the same. So try to see if any updates are available via OTA and if so, do immediately.
  3. Flickering for some users seems to reportedly happen only while running few applications. Also, some users have reported that changing the standard background on the homescreen has helped them recover from it temporarily.
  4. If none of the above options seem to be actually helping you, you should do a factory reset of your phone. Make sure all your data is backed up and go ahead with the factory reset from Settings -> Privacy.

Considering all the above options do not work, you do not have any other choice but to visit the nearest HTC Service Centre and ask for a replacement. Or wait for some more time while we expect HTC to soon release an update or indicate the next move for such users.


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