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Fix Insufficient Room Error on Kindle Fire by Partitioning your Tablet

Kindle Fire LogoIt’s very irritating when you get to see the message “Insufficient memory” despite having GBs of free space and this is actually the case with the Kindle Fire Android tablet. So, in the due course of this article we will check out on how you can create a partition or rather say how one can resize the partitions so as to make the most out of the given space.  The process of repartitioning which we will be employing in the due course of the process id dubbed as “Fireparted” which is basically a Graphically User Interface (GUI) based partition manager specially designed for Amazon’s Kindle fire.

Caution: Please note that neither developer nor we should be held responsible for any damage happened to your device after applying this procedure on your Kindle Fire.

Features of File Parted:

  • Re partitions the data, cache, SD Card which allows you  for better space so as to install the apps,
  • Allows archiving as well as un archiving of the data partition which will then allow you to back up the data present in the partition which will require the root access,
  • It also helps you in keeping a track of space in data/cache/sdcard partitions and also allows you to shrink the partition which can in turn make the partitions smaller than the current contents.
  • It also limits the cache partition of the minimum of 64MB.

So let’s get started with the detailed tutorial with which you will be able to create the partitions on your Amazon kindle Fire.

Procedure to Create Partitions in Kindle Fire:

  • First up before you proceed you need to configure the ADB in your computer so that you can easily root the same as the Kindle Fire needs to be rooted & Custom Recovery installed before you apply this workaround in your Kindle Fire. You also need to install the .net framework in your computer.
  • So assuming that you have followed the above procedure, you now need to enter the “fastboot OEM format” command after which you will see that computer may get crashed.
  • Now, just in case if you wish to archive the data backup on your computer then you need to make use of 7 Zip which supports TAR as well as GZip files.


  • So, as soon as you open the Fireparted executable file which you can download from the link mentioned at the end of this article. Now, after opening you need to read the partition table of your device to get the baseline after which you can back up your data partition unless and until you have formatted it before.
  • On the left hand side of the pane you can choose from an array of partition sizes after which you need to “Apply Changes” which will perform the re partition for you after which you can restore the data backup and reboot to test the new user interface which will match your partition created.

Download FilePART


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