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Fix Insufficient Space Error on Android Market with Cache Fixer App & Wipe Temp Data

The Android Play Store has a huge collection of applications for your Android smartphone which might be highly graphic rich games or small utility apps. For apps which are really large in size, the Android Play Store pops up an error message not allowing you to download them directly from the Play Store app. The error message reads as Insufficient Space Error and thus the download of the app gets aborted even before it can begin downloading.

For fixing this error, you can use this app from the Android Play Store named Cache Fixer. This is a free app and can be downloaded from the Play Store here .


This app requires that your Android phone is rooted and has Superuser access for the cache fixing to take place. If your phone is not rooted yet, make sure you root your phone first. Check this to know What is Android Rooting and its Advantages or Disadvantages .


As soon as you install the app and run it, a Superuser prompt will pop up which has to be approved. This is to ensure that the app is granted root access to your device and it is a must.


Now, a screen shows how much of size and what type should be used. While Tmpfs is a faster method to resize and fix your cache memory, it has lesser compatibility than the Data type which takes more time. Once you have chosen the type, which we recommend you choose Data, tap on Force EXT4 filesystem and click on Move Cache.


The process takes sometime to complete and this depends and varies from phone to phone and its processor, RAM etc. Once its done, the cache memory space will have been increased and it will display the new Size of the Cache memory and the free space parition on the top of the screen, right next to the icon of the app.

The Cache Fixer 1.1 also has options like Erase all data from the cache holder which cleanly wipes all the data from the Cache parition. Also, if you feel you have chosen the wrong filesystem or alloted the wrong amount of space, you can always go back to the defaults by choosing Restore Cache button from the options which restores it to the original state.

This app is a nice tool to reparition the cache memory as it can help you to use it as you want and the app can be downloaded free of cost from the Play Store here .



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