Flappy48 Game for Android Combines Flappy Bird & 2048 – Features, Download Now

There’s a new game in the town. And we aren’t talking about the fully loaded high-end game here, but a very simple and interesting game for those who indulge themselves into things that don’t give a torture test to their device. It is called the Flappy48, and the game brings the idea of Flappy Bird and the 2048 game together.

It’s a very simple game, and we are pretty sure this too might touch the sky in praises, although no one would leave a chance from calling the developer a copycat for using the concepts of two separate games in one, but the final outcome is good enough so who cares? You just need to keep adding the numbers and you can skip any of them coming in the way, or can even try to break the chain from the back if any unnecessary number comes in the end.

Flappy48 Game 2 Flappy48 Game 3

There are no twists or turns in the game, and it goes in the most simplest way, so you don’t really have to hit your brain hard, just like what was with the Flappy Bird. A little intelligence is needed on selection of the numbers that come on the way, as a long chain would make it a mess and end the game. Try to keep adding the small numbers in the front, and keep none of them on the back.

Flappy48 Game 4 Flappy48 Game 1

There are many users facing a few issues such as the lagging of the game, and one of the problems we saw is that – you cannot exit the game from within the app, and you can only press the home button to go out of the game. Few users even reported the crashing of the app in the first few seconds itself, so we expect an update for this coming out soon. For now, you could enjoy playing the Flappy48 in your Android device by going to the following Play Store link.

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