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How to Use Friend Stream & Connect with your Friends

HTC Friend StreamSocial Network connect has very much essential to stay updated with your friends, colleagues, classmates and family members. Even though your schooling days are year back stories, social network lets you to be connected with them with updates from them. Are you looking to see what’s going on in you social networks then you can get it with single place to check all those friends updates.

Friend Stream on HTC Sense

On your HTC phone you would be using Friend Stream to keep updated with your friends circle. On HTC phones Friend Stream is a social networking application available by default on the newest version of HTC Sense. The first device that we have spotted this application was HTC Legend and various other Android phones and to use Friend Stream follow the instructions mentioned below –

  • To see your friends Twitter and Facebook updates make sure that you have signed in into your Facebook and Twitter account. You can even sign in when you first setup your phone or else if you prefer to update it now or change the login credentials, then you need to update the login details. You can change your Facebook and Twitter account on your phone at any point of time by going to Menu > Settings.
  • Now from the Settings select ‘Accounts & Sync’.
  • Now sign in to your Facebook for HTC Sense and Twitter for HTC Sense.Facebook HTC Sense
  • Now provide your login credentials and login to your accounts.
  • Now those login credentials are for Friend Stream and your friends updates would be available on Friend Stream.
  • Using Friend Stream its easy to keep your friends in loop.Friend Stream
  • Now tap whats on your mind and type in your status update and then tap on post.HTC Post
  • Apart from just post and wall updates, there are plenty of options to play with.
  • You can easily retweet, ReShare any of your friends wall post or tweets.Facebook Group Wall
  • Friends Stream allows easy sharing of your location where you are. Tap and pick your location and users will know where you are. You can also update if you are along with your friends in easy way to add their name and type in what you are doing.

Whether its your HTC Wildfire S or HTC Chacha, Desire, EVO, Hero, Sensation or Thunderbolt, you have the Friend Stream on your phone.

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