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Fujitsu Demos WaterProof Tablet PC at CeBIT 2012

At Mobile World Congress Fujitsu showcased Arrows their water proof Android phone. Though this phone hasn’t enough publicity, inspired Fujitsu itself to come up with a waterproof and dust proof Android tablet. We understand that people who work for construction industry have problem of dust going through their phone or their phone has chances of falling in water, mud. The mobile manufacturers have realized that and most of them have come up with their own products. Samsung earlier launched XCover smartphone, Panasonic recently came up with Eluga smartphone at Mobile World Congress and recently Caterpillar Cat B 10 smartphone was announced.

Fujitsu WaterProof Android Tablet

Fujitsu Waterproof tablet

Fujitsu inspired by the demand of IP67 certified smartphones (dust proof, scratch proof and water proof devices), at CeBIT tech fair at Hanover, Germany showcased an Android tablet with live demo of it. This water proof tablet from Fujitsu created a buzz in the CeBIT tech fair. This tablet is completely waterproof down to three meters i.e., 10 feet’s maximum. We don’t have any specifications how longer it can withstand in water. Well ofcourse this is not the first tablet launched by Fujitsu, they previously have 7 inches Lifebook T730, Stylistic Q550 and Lifebook TH40 but all these products went unnoticed in the market. Fujitsu believes that this product would do it for them to gain some popularity.

Going through the specifications of this tablet, it will be a 7 inches tablet powered with Android operating system with 2.3 Gingerbread. This tablet would be budget friendly and will be affordable by all. Keeping the price in mind, we expect the specifications of it on a lighter side.

However Fujitsu Android tablet is right now available only in Japan and the chairman admits that this tablet will be made available internationally. Also in news, Samsung showcased the pink Galaxy Tab at CeBIT.

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