Galaxy S2 – Backup Contacts, Messages & Call Log Tutorial

The Samsung Galaxy S II is the latest happening in Android when it comes to Samsung manufactured Android handset. Within a short span of time the Galaxy S 2 phone has set records after records. The phone is now officially available in most of the countries in the world.

The Samsung KIES application software is the best to do a lot of work other than just transferring your files from PC to phone and even lot more. One thing which we would go through in this article is the Back up compatibility of Samsung Kies. In this article we would backup Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 phone using the Samsung KIES software.

Here is the procedure on how to back up Samsung Galaxy S II phone SMS, Messages, contacts and call logs -

  • Open Samsung KIES on your PC and then connect your Samsung Galaxy S II phone using the USB connectivity wire provided to you. Once the phone is recognized on the Samsung KIES you would see this screen – Kies Galaxy S2 Welcome Screen
  • You should head to ‘Back up/Restore‘ option which is the place to backup or restore your Galaxy S II phone.Galaxy S2 I9100 Data Backup Options
  • Now when you are over there, you need to select various applications like Contacts, Schedule, To do, messages, call list and lot more. In this example video below I have selected just ‘Messages‘.
  • Once you have select you need to tap on “Back up” option.Galaxy S2 I9100 Data Backup Progress
  • Once you hit that the data backup process would immediately be starting and the data would be backed up immediately.

Here is the video tutorial explaining the same -


  1. I have pics in my automatic back up that I am trying to delete… I didn’t it was set up & I want them off. HELP ME! Not tech savy :(

  2. i’m trying to back up my samsung galaxy s adn when i select the back up/ restore tab….none of my folders show up on the list. what can i do to fix this?

  3. Which series exactly of Kies have the possibility to backup sms?….thanks

  4. can i restore backup data of S2 to S3

  5. when i try to connect my mobile with kies on my pc . it does not connect and give message your phone is not supported . i have a samsung glaxy s2 . plz help me to take back up of my contacts.
    thanx \bob

  6. When I exported my messages to my PC, I get a file with .sme extension.
    When I backed them up, I get a file with .sbu extension.
    What are the programs that open these types of files?
    Thank you.

  7. I done the back up after that i want to view my call log list,sms,contacts ect. Can i view like word, note or pdf file Can this be done?

  8. When I connect the phone to computer via Kies, its in ‘read only’ mode. There is no backup, sync etc. You can only view the files and upload files up to 10mb.

    Anyone know why? I am using Galaxy S2 GT- I9100 on Android 2.3.3.

    Will it help if I upgrade to 4.0.3? Is this upgrade advisable in general or do I have to wait for all the app developers to catch up with the new version?

  9. I use a samsung galaxy 3 i5801 phone and want to back up my SMS messages. I have downloaded the latest version of Kies When I connect my phone to the PC, I only get the 3 options “Basic Info,Sync,Import/Export”. I do not get the option “Back Up/Restore” using which I can easily back up my SMS messages. I understand there are android apps which can be used to back up messages on Gmail, but isnt there a way out for me to get the back up option on Kies itself which will make my job a whole lot easier ? Thanks for your reply.

  10. I’m changing from a Galaxy S to an S2, I can’t see any way of copying across all the applications that I have installed and there current configurations. Can this be done?

  11. I keep receiving an error when I try to back up my contacts and calender through Kies. It just says it can not back up due to an unexpected error. It says to connect the device again, but I have tried that a few times. Any suggestions?

  12. Hi, The Kies view I have is within explorer and therefore is a diff view to the above. I cannot see the same basic informatio, sync, backup/restore menus.
    How can I access this with a eplorer view?

  13. hi, what about kies for linux ( i use ubuntu). i am from indonesia n i am confused about my sgs2 still with android 2.3.3 firmware. i dont like use window. any idea? i am newbie.

  14. Hi, what about Kies for Mac? Where can I download it? Thanks!

  15. some of my contacts have more than 4 or 5 fields such as 4 phone numbers & 2 e-mail addresses, after making backup file for my contacts only 2 fields phone no & 1 field e-mail shown while some contacts fully lost, note that my device is galaxy s2

    • That is because Google Contacts only supports adding of 2 mobile phones (work + mobile), one email, address and note on it. I don’t know where the other two phone contacts goes !

  16. Only way to connect a GS-II to internet is WiFi. Why it not possible to connect to PC internet via KIES like other smart phones?