Galaxy S2 – Backup Contacts, Messages & Call Log Tutorial

The Samsung Galaxy S II is the latest happening in Android when it comes to Samsung manufactured Android handset. Within a short span of time the Galaxy S 2 phone has set records after records. The phone is now officially available in most of the countries in the world.

The Samsung KIES application software is the best to do a lot of work other than just transferring your files from PC to phone and even lot more. One thing which we would go through in this article is the Back up compatibility of Samsung Kies. In this article we would backup Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 phone using the Samsung KIES software.

Here is the procedure on how to back up Samsung Galaxy S II phone SMS, Messages, contacts and call logs -

  • Open Samsung KIES on your PC and then connect your Samsung Galaxy S II phone using the USB connectivity wire provided to you. Once the phone is recognized on the Samsung KIES you would see this screen – Kies Galaxy S2 Welcome Screen
  • You should head to ‘Back up/Restore‘ option which is the place to backup or restore your Galaxy S II phone.Galaxy S2 I9100 Data Backup Options
  • Now when you are over there, you need to select various applications like Contacts, Schedule, To do, messages, call list and lot more. In this example video below I have selected just ‘Messages‘.
  • Once you have select you need to tap on “Back up” option.Galaxy S2 I9100 Data Backup Progress
  • Once you hit that the data backup process would immediately be starting and the data would be backed up immediately.

Here is the video tutorial explaining the same -

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