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Galaxy Tab : How to Backup Applications when Transferring Devices

We have been updating Android Advices with the latest updates of firmwares as they are available. How often you update your mobile with the latest firmware? Most of the users fear to update to the latest firmware because they need to save their data, settings and applications.

This is not the case with Samsung Galaxy Tab. On Samsung Galaxy Tab now you can easily backup your applications, application settings while you install new firmware on the device. It can be extremely helpful in transferring device or using a new device. There is an easy option to do it on your Galaxy TAB.

Backup Applications & Settings on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Here is the procedure on how to backup application & its settings in a very easy way without using any apps or services –

  • To get started you need to click on Apps on your tablet.Galaxy Tab Homescreen
  • Now select Settings and then select Privacy.
  • Now this page will give you to back up most of your personal settings on your tablet.Application Backup
  • Here you need to click on Backup my data and this option is used to back up your application data, Wi-Fi password.
  • Now select the option Backup Account and then select the Google Account which you wish to back up your data to.Application Backup
  • Also we have the option of Automatic Restore to backup settings in particular application that you may have to re-install.

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